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pt reports excessive thirst and need to urinate frequently post hypophysectomy. What initial action should the nurse take?
measure urine specific gravity.

*notify MD if <1.006
what is a symptom that is indicative of diabetes insipidus?

*polydipsia and polyuria both classic sympt. w/low specific gravity, anorexia, & wt. loss
what is a plan of care for a pt w/a dx of Grave's disease?
Calm, cool restfull environment

*avoid high fiber foods
pt brought to ED with myxedema coma. which nursing action should be preformed first?

warm pt
additional iv fluids
maintain airway
admin thyroid hormone
maintain airway

*always maintain a patent airway!!!
What should you do if a pt is post-op thyroidectomy and develops hoarseness and a sore throat?
inform the pt this is tempory and should deminish in a few days
Synthroid 0.15mg PO daily for a pt w/ hypothyroidism. How should the nurse administer the med?
In the morning to prevent sleeplessness.
What outcome reflects a therapeutic outcome of DDAVP,Stimate given for a pt with diabetes insipidus?
Decreased UOP

*DDAVP is a synthetic form of ADH, causes inc. reabsorption of H20 that causes dec. UOP.
What disease is characterized by an oversecretion of glucocorticoid hormones?
Cushing's disease
a pt develops with a crush injury to the lower extremity that develops ARF, this type of renal failure is d/t?
renal causes
what would the nures taking care of a pt diagnosed with chronic renal failure expect to see on assessment of this pt.?
what assesment is of highest priority in a pt w/ acute impaired renal function?

lung sounds
skin condition
lung sounds
Cushing's synd. results primarily from?
excessive secretions of adrenocortical hormones
Of the following nursing diagnosis for a pt. with a dx of myxedema, which is most appropriate?

Altered nutrition, more than body requirements
Altered nutrition, less than body requirements
Risk for hyperthermia
Fluid Vol. Excess
Altered Nutrition, more than body requirements
a patient dx w/ DI, the most important nursing intervention would be what to monitor strict I&O or perform diet teaching?
strict I&O
Surgical removal of the pituitary gland is called what?
Transphenoidal hypophysectomy
common cause of hypoparathyroidism is?
electrolyte imbalance
What kind of diet should a pt with nephrotic syndrome be encouraged to eat?
high protein

*to replace the protein lost through the kidneys and to correct hypoalbuminemia
What would you NOT tell a pt with chronic renal failure when doing pt teaching?
increase fluid intake
What is one of the things you would mtr in a pt w/Pheochromocytoma?
Vital signs Especially BP & pulse. HTN is common.
A pt is diagnosed with pheochromocytoma, what would you expect to see in a 24 hr urine collection?