Organisational Planning And Goal Setting Essay

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As one of the important procedures in today’s society, main management concept, ‘organisational planning and goal setting’ will be discussed. Organisational planning and goal setting can be seen when dealing either personally or as a group. In order to find success, there should first be a vision, that will lead to a particular destination. This becomes practical overtime and an organisation will develop the certain goal to obtain the desired vision. From this point on, a plan will be formed to achieve a goal. Planning is a process where an organisation will perform the required actions to fulfil their goals. The concept will be based on the article by William Carper. The article focuses on the proper structure for the organisational goal setting process. Thus, this essay will begin by discussing the concept, with the main article stated above. It will be supported by using ideas from other articles and overall analysis.

First, a goal is the first step to develop as it allows the organisations to set an appropriate target. By having a target to work for, the organisations will realise such importance and there will be an intuition for performing as a duty. According to Samson and Daft (2015, p.273), it is stated that goals are essential as they describe and identify the purpose for organisations to exist. The goal can somehow be assumed as the motivation where people feel it as attainable and realistic to achieve. Then, a plan will follow so as to ensure that an…

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