General Flashcard Information

How do I create flashcards on

Using our site to create your very own flashcard sets is simple. First click on Create Flashcards. You will then enter the title of your set as well as a description for your flashcards. Feel free to tag your set by entering keywords in the Subjects section for easier searching.

Now you can enter your flashcards. We offer two methods to create your cards:

Creating Flashcards Manually:

  • Simply type in the text for the front of your card then fill in the back of the card.
  • You may click on ‘Add Images’ to upload photos to your cards.
  • Are you studying a language? We support 99% of the world’s languages. Click on ‘Language Keyboard Options’ and we’ll include keyboards for easy input of foreign characters.
  • Need a little extra help? Click on 3-Sided Cards to add a hint to any flashcards.

Once all your cards are inputted click the ‘Create Set’ button to save your set. If you do not have an account with us already we’ll ask you to sign up for one to save your set. Otherwise, you will be prompted to sign in to your account in order to add the set to your account.

Using Import Options to Create a Set:

Need to create lots of cards quickly, create cards from a spread, or import cards from another site? Importing is the easiest way to do it.

Import Using Google Docs:

  • Select ‘From Google Docs’ under Import Options.
  • Sign In to your Google account to access your documents.
  • Choose the document you would like to import.
  • Click ‘Import Data’ and then ‘Create Set’ to finish saving your imported set.

How can I edit My flashcard sets?

Sign in to your account. You’ll immediately see your dashboard where you can click the edit icon to the right of the set you’d like to edit.

How can I delete a flashcard set?

Sign in to your account. You’ll immediately see your dashboard where you can click the trash icon to the right of the set you’d like to delete.

If you mistakenly deleted your set you will have 30 seconds to undo it or you may contact Customer Support to restore your deleted sets.

How can I delete an individual flashcard?

Sign in to your account. You’ll immediately see your dashboard where you can click the edit icon to the right of the set you’d like to edit. Choose the ‘Delete’ button to the right of the flashcard you want to remove. Click the ‘Update Set’ button to save your changes. Or ‘Cancel all changes’ at the bottom of the page to restore any flashcards you deleted.

How do I search for flashcards?

Our Search Box located on the upper right hand corner of the page is easy to use. Simply type in the keywords for the flashcards you are seeking and a list of all the matching sets comes up. You can refine your search results by selecting different options on the left hand side of the page. You can narrow your results by searching just Title, Content, Author or sets with images. There are other features to help you find the perfect flashcard set so play around with the search box and let us know if you run into any problems finding a set you need!

Why does my newly created flashcard set not show in search?

There is a waiting period after users create new flashcard sets before they are searchable. If you need to share your flashcard set right away, you can do the following:

  1. Send the direct URL.
  2. Ask people to search your username. They will be able to find a list of all of your publicly created sets.
  3. Send the URL to your profile. The url will be in the following form:{username}
  4. After accessing the set using the above methods, they can choose to "Favorite" the set to quickly access it from your dashboard.

How do I type special characters?

On the Create Flashcard Page or Edit Flashcard Page, you can enable our character map by clicking on the 'Show Language Keyboard Options' button. You will be given the option to select the languages for both the front and the back of the cards. Once the languages for the front and the back of the cards have been selected, the character map will be displayed to the right of the current flashcard. Using this tool you can search for special characters that you would otherwise have trouble typing.

What does "read" do?

We integrated a sophisticated text-to-speech software so that you can now hear the flashcards read out to you. This is just a different way of learning and will be especially useful for auditory learners, and language learners.

To activate it, just click on the “audio” button and it’ll toggle the feature on and read the cards as you go through your set. You can repeat the word by clicking on the “audio” icon located on the top left of the card.

How do I control the volume?

You can control the volume by adjusting your device's volume.

Why does the audio stop reading on one of my cards?

At this time, we only provide audio for cards up to 300 characters, so we’ll read the first 300 characters and then stop.

What happens to image-only cards?

We can’t read those =)

What languages are supported for this audio feature?

Currently, we support English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We are working on adding other languages to our platform. If you are interested in others, please let us know by contacting us.

General Folder Information

How do I create folders on

You can create folders via your Profile Dashboard page or during the Create Flashcards process. On creation of a folder you will be asked to include a Folder Title, Subject, Description, and Privacy setting.

What flashcard sets can I add to my folders?

You can add any publically available flashcard set to your folder including any private or public flashcard sets that you are the owner of.

How can I edit my folders?

Once you save a folder, you can edit the Title, Subject, Description, and Privacy setting of an individual folder by clicking on each of the sections and editing the content directly on the page. You can also select the Edit icon on your folders page to edit an individual folder’s content.

Please note you can only edit folders that you are the owner of.

How can I delete a folder?

You can delete a folder by selecting the trash can icon on both your folders list page or on an individual folder. Once a folder is deleted this process cannot be undone. Deleting a folder does NOT delete any flashcard sets found within that folder and only the folder grouping itself.

Please note you can only edit folders that you are the owner of.

How many folders can I use?

With basic membership you’ll be able to create two (2) folders. With premium membership, you will be able to create hundreds of folders.

How many flashcards Sets can I add to a folder?

For any folder regardless of basic or premium accounts you can add up to 100 flashcard sets per folder.

Flashcards Billing Questions

What benefits do I get by becoming a premium member?

With premium membership, you’ll get to study your flashcard sets ad-free. You’ll also be able to format your cards any way you want. Additionally you can use hundreds of folders for grouping your flashcard sets. Lastly, if you have any issues with your experience on, your questions will be prioritized in our customer support queue.

We are also working around the clock to offer you even more premium features. Stay tuned...

Essays Billing Questions

Have questions about your Premium Essays Subscription?

Please visit your Essays Dashboard or contact our Support Team

When do I get access to my premium account after my payment goes through?

If you pay by credit card, you can access the premium features immediately.

I can’t seem to access my account.

If you are running into issues logging in, click here to reset your password. If you are still unable to access your premium account, please contact our Support team, and include the following information:

  • Your first and last name, or any usernames you may have used with the account.
  • Any email address you may have signed up with
  • The last 4 digits of the credit card on the account
  • Your billing address and zip code

How often am I billed?

If you signed up for the Monthly Plan, you’ll be charged every 30 Days.

If you signed up for the Semester Plan, you are only charged one time at the beginning of the subscription.

What happens to my cards when I downgrade my account?

When your premium subscription ends, you will still be able to study your flashcards with all the premium formatting. If you make any edits however, we won’t be able to retain any of the formatting on that particular flashcard set, unless you subscribe again.

What happens to my folders when I downgrade my account?

Once your premium account is expired you will only have access to your two (2) most recently created folders. If you wish to use these folders in the future please upgrade to premium to restore access. You will NOT lose access to your flashcard sets within these folders.

When I cancel my subscription, how long will my account be active?

Your account will be active for the remainder of your subscription. For instance, if you signed up for the monthly membership on September 1 and you canceled on September 15, your account would still be active until October 1.

I don’t remember signing up for Cram, why am I being charged?

If you are seeing charges from Cram on your credit card or bank statement, and you don’t remember signing up yourself, it’s likely that a family member did so with your information. If you’re still having trouble, please contact our Support team, with the following details and we’ll try and locate the issue:

  • Your first and last name, or any usernames you may have associated with the account.
  • Any email address you may have signed up with
  • The last 4 digits of the credit card on the account
  • Your billing address and zip code
  • Dates and amounts charged

Features and Tools

What is 'Cram mode'?

Cram mode is a method of studying using spaced repetition. It is also known as the Leitner System and is a very popular way to memorize flashcards used by students around the world today. Simply select the ‘Memorize’ tab when you are on a flashcard page. Then choose ‘Cram mode’ on the right hand side under Memorization Style. Click Space Bar on your keyboard to begin. With each flashcard shown choose ‘I Was Wrong’ or ‘I Got It Right’. The Cram Mode will begin to divide your flashcards into Cram Levels near the top of the set. Cards you answered correctly move up a level while cards you did not get correct move down. Eventually you will have to study and memorize all cards before they reach the final level. Pro Tip: ‘w’ is wrong, ‘r’ is right, spacebar lets you view the answer/continue, and ‘h’ gives you the Hint card (3rd side)

How Do I Merge Sets Together?

If you would like to combine two or more sets into one large set you can easily do so in the following steps:

  • Click on the ‘Export’ button of the first set you would like to merge
  • Choose either ‘Export to CSV’ or ‘Export to Google Drive’
  • Select the next set(s) and repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have all the sets saved
  • Choose Create Flashcards from the top of the page
  • Click ‘Import Options’. Follow either the ‘Export to CSV’ or ‘Export to Google Drive’ instructions from below to complete the merging of your sets.

If you saved the sets as ‘Export to CSV’ earlier you may now open the individual Excel files and copy and paste all of the text into the box titled “Copy and Paste Your Data”. Click ‘Import Data’ when you have completed pasting all of your sets into the data box. You now have one finished flashcard set for all of your saved files!

If you chose ‘Export to Google Drive’ earlier when saving all of your sets you can now select ‘From Google Docs’. Be sure to sign in to your Google account to access your documents. Click on the title of the set to merge. You may choose to ‘Append to current set’ or ‘Overwrite current set’. Select the ‘Import Data’ button and add the other Google files to this set by selecting ‘Append to current set’. When you have completed this you may choose ‘Create Set’. Now you are done!

Can I Copy Another User’s Set?

You may copy any user’s set you find online by choosing the ‘Clone’ button on the right hand side of the flashcards page.

How Do I Use the ‘Card Range to Study’ Tool?

The ‘Card Range to Study’ feature is available on the right hand side of the Flashcards page. It allows you to select a range of the flashcards which you would like to study – i.e. only cards 7-21 out of 50 cards.

Can I Change the Font?

As a non-premium member, you have the ability to bold the font and change its font size. Premium members can change the font color, add bullets, change alignment and italicize.

How Does ‘Auto-Save’ Work?

All flashcards are automatically stored into our system as you work on them even if you do not save them. If your battery runs out or your computer crashes (yikes!) you should be able to find all of your flashcards the way you left them when you log back into your account.

Can I Make A Set Private?

Sign in to your account. You’ll immediately see your dashboard where you can click the drop down box to the right of the set you’d like to make private. Just choose “Private” instead of “Public” and you’re done!

Can I Favorite Sets?

Favoriting your own set or other people’s sets is easy! Just click on the little heart icon you see next to each flashcard set in your Dashboard or underneath the set title of other people’s sets. When the heart is red you will know it’s in your Favorites list. To see your Favorites, go to your dashboard and click the “Favorites” link.

I Have Lots of Flashcard Sets in My Account. How can I sort them?

Make sure you are logged into your account. You may then select the gray 'up' and 'down' arrows on top of each column to sort your flashcard sets. Options include sorting by 'Set Title', 'Cards', 'Subjects', 'Created', etc.

What Are Tags?

Tags are keywords that allow you to properly categorize your flashcard sets for easier searching. Under the ‘Subject’ line when you are creating a set you will be able to enter one or more keywords to identify the topic(s) in your flashcards.

Account Questions

How Do I Delete My Account?

If you need to delete your account for any reason please write in to support.

I Forgot My Username and Password?

If you need to retrieve your forgotten password, head over to our forgot username and password page and enter your email address. We’ll send you a special link to update your password.

Mobile Apps for Cram

Where can I download mobile apps using

Download the Cram iOS App here.

Download the Cram Android App here.

Can I format my cards on the app?

It's in progress. Currently, if you modify a card with formatting, it will lose the formatting that you’ve added on

Why does my flashcard edits / sets not show up on my app after I created them on the desktop site?

Please try the following methods to update your flashcards in your app:

  1. Refresh the Dashboard by pulling down on it
  2. Sign in and Sign out of the app

If neither of those methods work, please contact us.