Smoothie Swot Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Strengths The following are the strengths identified by Smoothie: • A creative and skilled employee team • A high-quality product recipe that provides exceptional flavor with high levels of nutrition • Because of its entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to remain flexible and to adapt quickly to environmental changes • A strong network of manufacturers’ agents and distributors • The growth of a reputation of a high-quality product among health clubs, other retail outlets, and targeted consumer groups Weaknesses The following are the weaknesses identified by Smoothie: • Limited financial resources for growth and for advertising ad other marketing communications • Little flexibility in terms of personnel due size of the firm • Reliance on external production to maintain quality standards and to meet any anticipated surges in demand for the …show more content…
Marketing Objectives
The following are the marketing objectives set by Smoothie: • To increase the awareness of Smoothie products among the target market • To increase gross sales by 50 percent over the next two years • To introduce two new product lines over the next three years: a line of low-carb smoothies and a line of gourmet flavored smoothies • To increase distribution of Smoothie products to include new retail outlets both in the United States and globally


...for the health-conscious
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However, the Smoothie formula provides superior flavor and nutrition in a shelf-stable form. This formula is Smoothie’s core competitive advantage which allows the company to position its products as uniquely different than those of its competitors. As such, Smoothie seeks to position its products as the first-choice smoothie beverage for the serious health-conscious consumer, including those who are seeking to lower their carbohydrate intake. The following is its core value proposition: “Smoothie beverage for the serious health-conscious folks.” Given this value proposition, Smoothie will develop its product, packaging, pricing and promotion to communicate this superior, prestige image. This value proposition and thus positioning will be then supported by all its marketing mix

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