Marketing Case Study: Gatorade

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We have all seen Gatorade showers for NFL coaches at the Super Bowl, but its link to sports is why Pepsi celebrates Gatorade as its pioneer drink. In a world where there are many options in the market Gatorade controls the sports drink sector. With its success and control of the market, Gatorade always looks to expand its product line. As consumers were looking for healthier options in their food Gatorade jumped at the chance to cater to a new target market being the first comer to create a Organic Sports Drink, naming the three flavored line "G Organic".
Gatorade went through what every drink and food company goes through when introducing new products to the market. The “G series” was set to launch in the U.S. in the summer of 2016, but to
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Titled "Gatorade Summer Tour" this promotional event will be first introduced to the Canadian market in the major cities of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and lastly Winnepeg although smaller than the others it is one of the fastest growing cities and has a diverse economy of food and beverage production, retail and tourism (Connelly, 2011). The "Gatorade Summer Tour" will then expand to the U.S. major cities. This tour will highlight Gatorade G Series but will also include other Gatorade drinks and healthy snacks in the PepsiCo line up. The tour will last an entire or weekend depending on the market in the city and will consist of Pop-Up shops with collaboration of athletic wear retailers. Gatorade G series will served be as a sample and will be available for purchase along with other Gatorade and snack products. Included will be 100 free Gatorade G series drinks for the first 100 customers who promote the drink on their social media accounts using "#GatoradeGSeries" in their posting. The Pop-Shops will be located near or at festivals, concerts, amusement parks and specialty fitness centers such as SoulCycle. Lastly included in the Summer Tour are Gatorade sponsored activities such as Yoga on the Lawn, Cycling, Pool Aerobics, and individuals who would like to participate will reserve their spot and receive complimentary Gatorade G …show more content…
This marketing initiative will appeal to those who are not athletes but include workouts into their everyday lives and strive to eat better and healthier beverages and foods. The Gatorade G Series shifts the Gatorade target, just slightly, to cater to the Millennial generation who enjoy and also recognize that eating well and exercising defines being healthy. Millennials enjoy exercise but not just to be an athlete. While appealing to consumers, this also establishes Gatorade's position in the market where other companies are entering the market. Although Gatorade controls a majority of its present market, this new market has many new comers and Gatorade has to recognize that it must stay ahead and to do must remain competitive to ensure it maintains its majority in the

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