Powdered Grape Lab

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Introduction: The purpose of the experiment was to determine the density of powdered grape. The company Gatorade has advertised that G2 powder replenishes fluids and electrolytes in the body’s blood stream during exercise. G2 has aided in staying hydrated, “maintain normal muscle performance, heart rate and brain activity” (1). In relation, there has been a rise in sports drink purchase to improve athletic performance. The experiment examined a basic level of G2 powders composition, the density of purple G2. It has be determined by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations that Gatorade’s density is 1.03 g/mL (3). This is slight increase from the density of universal solvent, water, which is 1.00 g/mL (3). It can be implicated …show more content…
The results contrasted with the expected density of 1.03 g/mL. The standard deviation revealed that the uncertainty of G2 experiment was 1.19g/mL±0.03. On possible reason for error conducted in the experience could have been a loss of liquid during transfer of the G2 solution. The G2 solution was construct in a beaker because it needed to dissolve entirely, and in order to do so it could not done so in a graduated cylinder. The transferred G2 powder to the beaker, the transferred water in the graduated cylinder to the beaker, or the transferred G2 mixture to the graduated cylinder could have caused error in the experiment due to loss of substance through the movement. Another possible error was that there was not specific temperature of the solution. As a substance’s temperature decrease, the substance’s density decreases (4). Temperature may have also impacted the rate at which the G2 had dissolved. If the temperature of a substance is altered to a temperature that is too warm or cold, it may affect the rate of the reaction. If a solution is heated too much, the particles will have moved faster than normal and collided more often (5). The rate of dissolved G2 may have been slowed down due to a lack of heat in the applied

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