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Choosing the right essay topic is just as crucial as writing well. Picking one you might be interested in or comfortable with, influences the quality of research and execution, essentially paving the way for a good essay. From topic ideas like the Second World War to argumentative essays on sensitive issues like animal testing, Cram’s best topics are available in the curated lists below. Get started on your journey to better writing.

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Cram presents a collection of the most intuitive and thought-provoking essay topics. These include an extensive set of ideas across movie analyses, case studies, life experiences, social movements of import, detailed research reports, and more. Our compendium of essay topics is sure to provide you with both material and writing inspiration to help you set your content apart. Check out Cram’s set of unique topics if you’re interested in writing beyond the mundane.

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If you’re struggling to pick a topic for an essay based on the guidelines for an assignment, Cram has you covered. We provide some of the most preferred topics with well-written content and thoroughly researched information. Whether you’re looking to write about popular figures like Malcolm X or are writing a book report on acclaimed works like The Kite Runner, you’re sure to find it on our carefully created lists of essay topics. Begin exploring today.

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Choose from time-tested essay topics and themes that have worked in academia. Cram’s collection of evergreen essay topics provides you with a list of various subjects and writing points you can include in your upcoming paper. From topics capable of polarizing opinions, such as gun control, to discussions about Anne Frank, our collection boasts both variety and quality. Pick your next essay topic from the list below.

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Start writing essays and papers by picking topics that are the most popular among students. Browse through a comprehensive list of carefully curated topics that feature a variety of topic ideas including controversial matters such as the death penalty. That’s not all, you can also find unique topics for research essays and biographical essays about life goals and ambitions on our site. Check out Cram’s collection of popular topics today.

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Writing an essay worthy of an A+ grade is easy with thousands of samples on all popular topics and subjects. Say hello to inspiration and creativity at Cram with these top essays written by students like you.

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