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Cram provides access to hundreds of topics for every area of study, so choosing one for an assignment is always an absolute breeze.

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Finding an interesting topic is the first step to writing an outstanding essay. But sometimes, choosing one can be more difficult than you imagine. Pick the wrong topic and even a hundred pages might not suffice. Or worse, your essay might not even stretch beyond a couple of paragraphs.

Make the process easier for yourself by:

  • Choosing a topic that you understand and are interested in.
  • Ensuring the topic is specific enough.
  • Confirming that it matches your instructor’s guidelines.

But wondering where to start your topic search? You can begin right here – with Cram’s extensive database of popular essays, case studies, literary analyses, movie critiques, opinion essays, and more on every major topic and subject. This set of essays discussing healthy lifestyles, or these essays debating the various angles regarding GMO are great samples to help you understand what Cram has to offer. Browse the list below for more such examples.

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One of the biggest hurdles many students face is finding an appropriate topic to match their instructor’s guidelines. While some choose to brainstorm with fellow students and generate ideas, others prefer to try techniques like creating mind maps or lists, or using writing exercises that boost creativity.

At Cram, we simplify the entire process for you. Just browse through our comprehensive offering of popular trending topics below for all types of assignments and get all the ideas you need. These student-submitted sample essays on Malcolm X, the book ‘The Kite Runner’, and gun violence can be a great starting point.

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Writing an essay worthy of an A+ grade is easy with thousands of samples on all popular topics and subjects. Say hello to inspiration and creativity at Cram with these top essays written by students just like you!

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