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  • Narrative About Friendship

    was one of the reasons that my friendship ended. The truth was, there were so many fights in our friendship, or I guess they could be called conflicts, our fights were about meaningless things for no reason. No matter who started it, I always finished it because I valued that friendship that we shared more than I cared for my ego. It seemed as though that that was the most important friendship I would ever have, and I didn’t want to be the one that messed up . This was different and it wasn’t something simple I could just say “sorry” about and move on. It was about me. I hadn’t started it, but I was the first to confront her about the topic, and yes, it was just “drama” but to me it was so much more. It helped me see things in a new light, I saw that she never apologized first, she would never try to solve any conflicts between us. She didn’t seem to care about our friendship. She didn’t value it. False words were spread, not from me, from her. I asked her to stop, in a nicer way than I would later on. Some of my friends had asked me about the subject and I asked them how they knew. All signs pointed back to her, but she still denied it. This was…

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  • Narrative Essay About Friendship

    us up, but somehow we’re okay with it. I’m unsure if I want to carry on with our friendship because it’s just so emotionally draining. Being around her leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and makes your head hurt. But unfortunately, I always get dragged back into our friendship when she pleads with words such as: “You’re never going to leave me right? If you leave me, I’m not sure who I’d have left…” Sometimes I even feel as if Alice’s behavior is justified. I have sympathy for her mental…

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  • Narrative Essay About True Friendship

    True friendship is something that two people have to work at everyday. All the people I see at school are friends with someone one day and are not the next day. But everyone has that one friend that means the world to them. Rachel Hall is that friend to me. Over the years Rachel and I have become very close friends. We met in kindergarten when we had class together. In kindergarten we had journal time, where we wrote in our journal and drew a picture to go along with what we wrote. After that…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Value Of Friendship

    The value of friendship some say is lost. Some even say a long lasting friendship does not last these days, although just finding a good friend is hard to do because you need a lot of support from one another in a long lasting friendship and a long lasting friendship take a lot of hard work also. I have to say that they are wrong because that changed for me thirty-nine years ago in the Third Grade. It was the year 1977; I was attending Langdon Elementary School in Washington, DC. It was my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Pole That Split A Friendship

    The Pole that Split a Friendship Jacob might have been a very superstitious person who had weird habits, but it didn’t change the fact that he was my best friend. We did everything together from the minute we met, most people found his superstitious ways weird, but I had grown to like them. As the ambulance carried him away I was in tears knowing that our friendship was over, and the only thing I could blame was that pole. May came in full heat with soaking temperatures, and the only thing on…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why Friendship Is A Wonderful Thing?

    Friendship is a wonderful thing. I grew up as a quiet, obedient child who always avoided trouble when I could. I did not have too many friends because I did not seek out people in the first place. The only thing I needed was my small circle and we could conquer the world together. Friendship is something that everyone needs, no matter who they are. We trust our friends with our deepest secrets and we rely on them during our toughest times. We love our friends. Perhaps too much, and sometimes we…

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  • Narrative Essay Friendship

    “Friendship, I suppose, comes at a price” Robert Louis Stevenson, Big World The road rushes past me as I stare down at the never-ending highway lines, listening to the Volkswagen’s engine threshing away behind us. Never thought that I’d be doing something that I’ll regret for the rest of my life, but here I am, a whole milestone away from my family, speeding down the highway before the sun rises, and as the sky turns a soft blue. I see the sun breaking the horizon as it shines its warmth down…

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  • Narrative Essay About Friendship

    "Do you remember how we met, dear?" It all began on the first day of high school, the day our friendship began. It was the third class of the day and I had so far failed at meeting anybody new. The teacher had already introduced himself and gone to sit down, leaving us to our own devices for the rest of the class time. I was too disheartened to try and make any new friends, so I pulled it a book and drowned out everyone else. I was in the middle of a riveting chapter when your voice…

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  • Narrative Essay About Friendship

    As young children, our minds are innocent. We don’t know what friendship means nor do we value it. We are curious about how everything works in the world by seeing everything as a challenge. Through these challenges comes consequences, and from our consequences, we learn what the right and wrong thing to do is. However, there was one time I had done something I am not proud of. My curiosity got the best of me and I almost lost my best friend. Seven years ago when I was about eight years old, I…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Welcome To The Friendship Zone

    Welcome to the friend zone. I hope you enjoy your stay. I am being facetious, of course. I hope you have not enjoyed being in the friend zone. It sucks. Of course, friendship is great, but this is not what you want when you think about a relationship with this pretty girl. Plus, is it really true friendship when what you want out of your "friend" is something else entirely than what she is providing? You can't be a true friend when you do things for her while hoping, secretly, that she will…

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