Reflection About Friendship

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Friendship, particularly a trusting and dear friendship is essential for positive, social and psychological health of the individuals that are involved in the relationship. In our world today, we need trusted friends to listening to us, give us emotional support and empathy. If we cannot find this in a friend or spouse we will seek it out in a professional setting such as a counselor, or pastor. We seek to have this type of interpersonal relationships; they are what help us grow in caring, loving and trusting people.

Throughout my life, I have had made some good friends. I am blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. I had and have two dear friends in Michigan; they are my long term friends. When we get together it is as if no time
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In of 2009, I boarded a bus with my daughter to go to the International Festival with Mrs. Hienzelman’s Art Club. The bus was full; 30 students and about 10 chaperones. There was limited seating, I don’t remember if I sat down next to her or the other way around, but I do know that was the day when I met Ellen. I knew of Ellen and had seen her at several school functions. This day was to be the beginning of our friendship. Our friendship has gone through the coming together stages of initiating, experimenting, intensifying and integrating. We have only experience the differentiating stage of the Knapp’s model. I chose Ellen and my friendship to write about because our friendship is the perfect model for this paper. It oozes with all of the stages of the Mark Knapp theory of interpersonal …show more content…
I have that with my friend Ellen. Have you ever had a moment when you knew, really knew that someone was listening? I know that Ellen listens to me. When I met Ellen I was working as a substitute teacher, but I looking for a fulltime job. Ellen was working for the online catalog support for Eddie Bauer. We would begin our mornings with “Good morning friend, want to go for a walk?” Neither of us at that time in our lives would have thought that we would be taking college classes towards a degree. We talked each other into going back college. We have supported each other though this journey. A quote from Karl A. Menniger which I came across at an internet site says it best. “Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward. When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand." I have found this very quote to be true in the journey with Ellen. We have had such a positive emotional impact on each other.

The emotional support that I received from my friend Ellen is priceless. We have the connection when we are sad or when we get the giggles, our moods are contagious. We build each other up for the challenges of the day. Sometimes it is just a text of a “” or a “Good morning friend” sometimes it is a voice message (this is one that I kept on my phone) with word of encouragement. “I so enjoy our

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