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  • Bleeding Love: Love And Loss Of Love

    fills the emptiness of your heart with love and happiness because you found someone that understand you and accept you for who you are. All those memories share together, to realize that you found the one who you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with. Is that special person that can make your face light up, your palms sweat, and experience a flutter of electricity racing through your body. You’re in love. Until he or she decides that relationship is not the same and break your heart by letting you go. In the album “Spirit”, Leona Lewis demonstrates how painful it is to go through a breakup and moving on. Throughout her songs Lewis writes about time being the solution to heal, creates comfort to her listeners, and appreciate the emotions the artist’s portraits in her songs. Was Lewis album “Spirit” more than embracing the pain cause by a lover? When you’re going through a breakup is hard to let go because all of the memories share together but at the end, you need to acknowledge that the relationship was not working out. In “Better in Time”, Lewis says “it’s…

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  • Love: The Definition Of Love

    leaf) but love is the sky and i am for you just so long and long enough”-EE Cummings Love is a subject that people strive for. It’s a main point in poetry, music, movies, books, even advertisements. Each individual person has their own idea of what love they want in their lives, but can they put it into words? Written is a series of interviews based on love. The persons interviewed for this project were a generation apart. The four persons interviewed were Michelle, Tony, ____ and _____.…

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  • The Definition Of Love: What Is Love?

    During a person’s lifetime, he or she goes through various of feelings; love is one of them. Robert A. Heinlein once said: “Love is that condition in which happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Love is a feeling that means different to each person because everyone experiences it differently. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. Love is an intense feeling that shows physical and emotional affection to someone;…

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  • The Art Of Love And The Remedies For Love

    I have recently read your advice in The Art of Love, and The Remedies for Love, and both stories give some great pointers on finding and forgetting love. Both books offer up very interesting techniques and ideas on love. You have a very interesting point of view about the whole idea of love, and I think you present some very useful advice to a man or woman seeking it. In your book The Art of Love you tell the man to look for a woman he can truly love and to fight for a mutual love with her.…

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  • Women In Love And The Republic Of Love

    in Love and The Republic of Love, respectively, depicting the changing influence of parents on lovers. Women in Love was a novel in which parents had very little, if any, influence on the authenticity of their children’s love, whereas The Republic of Love revealed a marked increase of parental influence. Along the same time frame, there was also an expansion of women’s rights that may have played a contributing role to the role of parents on lovers. An analysis of Women in Love and The Republic…

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  • Love Is An Undeniable Feeling Of Love

    Love is and undeniable feeling that has strong effects on a person psyche. Especially for me once upon a time I too would fall in to this this void of feeling called love. I would always here about love from watching movies, to family members saying I love you, to myself saying I love you but not really knowing what it means. Eventually I too would find this feeling and be able to actual put in into words… which was never any words at all, just a warm feeling. Elements that made up the situation…

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  • Love Is True Love Analysis

    What is love? I don’t mean the hit song What is love? by Haddaway. What does love truly mean. As defined by, love is an intense feeling of deep affection. I believe that love is much more than that though. True love would mean you would do anything for the person you love. A deep bond that could not be broken by anything, by anyone. A mother’s love for her child is one example, the mother would sacrifice herself in order for her child to live. It does not have to be that extreme…

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  • Psychology Of Love: The Psychology Of Love

    Psychology Of Love My definition of the self from the first day of class must be revised every time I learn and research more about the human-self. This revision is no exception bemuse of my research into the psychology of love. The human emotion of love is the unavoidable necessity that every human will experience at least once in his/her life. Love influences the way we think, act, and our everyday decisions without us even recognizing its impact on our lives. These decisions and their…

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  • Love Essay: The Definition Of Love

    That right there is simply the definition of love. But who is to say that REALLY is the true meaning of the word? Love is so much more than simple sentence. It 's a feeling that is way beyond us, so much, that we as people can barely grasp the concept. Love breaks the rules of logic, science, and theory, it 's way more powerful than one can imagine. Brianna, to put it to you in words. I can 't even comprehend myself how much I love you, because there isn 't an extent. It 's forever increasing…

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  • Love And Dichotomy: What Is Love?

    Love is… Love is a fascinating concept, in part because of the dichotomies that it can often be defined by. Some have asserted that the universal language is that of love. We as humans connect with one another and all innately know this complex and nuanced concept. However, while we may all relate to the concept as a whole, I believe that the love we, as individuals experience and apply in a variety of situations in distinctly unique. What I mean to say is that love is so personal and subjective…

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