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  • Parents Divorce Essay: My Parents And Parents

    Parents Divorce All over the world kids go through a hard time in their life, for an example, divorce. Divorce is probably one of the most common struggles to go through in life and it's sad to say that it happens to a lot of families, including me. It is a topic that is very hard to talk about and deal with over your lifetime. When my parents got divorced it had changed me as a person. My siblings and I, worried and scared as can be, seated on my soft pink bed waiting for the breaking news, that would impact on our life forever. The horrid thoughts going through my mind of worry. Worrying about how this will change me through my life, where are we going to live, and am I ever going to see both of my parents again? I knew that I just…

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  • Importance Of Parents To Meramec Parents

    To Our Meramec Parents, As the elementary principal serving at Meramec, I am always appreciative of parental support that assist us in promoting a strong sense of community for our children. For those families who are new this year it will be important to note our upcoming Special Visitor's Day, held annually during American Education Week. This time has been set aside in recognition of all those who serve in public education, honoring and celebrating those who are making a difference in…

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  • Single Parent Vs Single Parents

    children as a single parent only makes it that much harder. It does not only affect the single parent, but also the child and most of the time in a negative way. In 2012, there were 12.2 million single parents (U.S. Census Bureau). This is due to parents getting pregnant so young, getting divorced and even losing a parent due to death. Single parents are becoming more common in today’s day and age. There are positives that can come from being raised in a single parent family. It is just easier…

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  • The Importance Of Parents

    choice of their parents” (Education). The idea that parents are always right, and children must listen to their parents because parents know what it is good or bad for their children. It is an obsolete idea that needs to change. Parents who always love their children with all their heart and hope everything good happen to them. Therefore, they give everything that is good for children, and they want to protect them as much as they can. “reported that approximately 90% of the parents in their…

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  • Wrong With Parents

    In the article, “A Tale of Two Summers for Parents” by Belinda Luscombe stated two stories of when parents left their child unsupervised, and her opinion on the situations. There are many risks that could occur to an elementary child is they are left alone for long periods of time, it is not wise to leave them alone in vulnerable situations. There are too many factors that can go wrong with leaving children unattended. There are many stories around the world of children being abducted from…

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  • The Importance Of Parents

    we do without parents? They celebrate when we say our first words, encourage us as we take our first steps, and lovingly guide us throughout the first few stages of our lives. The simple lessons that we learn from their teachings and examples have lifelong impact. However, with all the responsibilities that parents have in teaching their kids, there is one important lesson that is sometimes overlooked. Namely, the lesson of good financial responsibility. With the large amount of people in…

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  • Spanking As A Parent

    Parents love their child to death. Even if they are brats sometimes. And the punishment most parents have are spanking. Spanking has always been the first thing that comes to mind as discipline. Its supposed to teach your child to regret what they did, and to know to not ever do whatever their circumstance was again. But does it really “teach them a lesson”? When I was about to get spanked as I child, I was extremely fearful of my dad. When your dad used to be a corrections officer, then tells…

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  • Dealing With Parents

    As my final student choice book, I chose Dealing with difficult parents: And with parents in difficult situations. This book was recommended from my mentor to help deal with the parents she sees on a daily basis. This book also builds off of the first book I chose to write about. She thought it would be wise to read this one since I enjoyed the first book she recommended. This book is a guide to help you deal with parents in the most difficult situations. I currently work at a Title I school…

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  • Parent Involvement

    Bolivar and Chrispeels (2011) studied a 12-week parent leadership program for Hispanics that provided opportunities for interaction, knowledge exchange, leadership development, trust building, and collective action. Their research showed that when parents participate in leadership development, they are empowered to effect changes that benefit their children through individual and collective actions. The authors argued that the concepts of social and intellectual capital can inform parent…

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  • The Undercover Parent

    created. In the article “The Undercover Parent,” Harlan Coben writes about the hazards of the internet world, and what parents can do to protect their kids from them. He says that parents should responsibly monitor their children’s internet usage to be sure that they’re being safe when online. Although there…

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