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  • B2 Evaluate The Principles And Values Of A Child And Child Development

    which affect a child's physical and language development, include ensuring that the practice is child centred, as this will result in then being able to reach their full potential while within the setting. One of the first values for when a child's development has been affected, is to put the child first, as we have a duty of care towards them. One way in which we an put a child first, it to ensure that, while they are in the setting, that they get well balanced and nutritional meals, as some families might not be able to afford 3 full meals a day, especially when there are more than one child within. By providing services such as breakfast clubs and free school meals, it means that…

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  • Child Participation Essay

    The article ‘Child Participation in the Early Years: Challenges for education’ by Jo Ailwood, Susan Danby, and Marianne Theobald (2011) presents a range of aspects around child participation in Australia. It furthermore discusses the lack of education that children receive in regards to this matter. Throughout this article, there are six main headings, these being; understanding child participation, child participation in Australian policy, advancing the child participation agenda (the child…

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  • Child Observation Examples

    entered the room, I noticed that Shanah and another caregiver were in the room. Some of the older children were already in the room and one girl was in the rocking chair as she was tired. When I sat down in the small inner part of the room, I noticed that the 1 ½ year old child was playing on toy pony that was blue. After the children went outside in the playarea, I interviewed the director of the program. Throughout this paper, I will talk about what I observered in my second observation and…

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  • Observation Of A Child Reflection

    While watching the video I noticed that teacher was first observing the three children on the slide. The child in the light blue shirt his name is “Nick” and he was trying to interact with the other children. The other children didn’t interact with Nick and he ran over to another area in the classroom where another child was playing with some cars and a tower that allowed the cars to go down different level of the tower. Nick then began to play with cars as well in the attempt to get another…

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  • Examples Of Child Observation

    My child observation and classroom observation took place at the Mt. San Jacinto Child Development and Education center in the preschool/pre-k (ages 36 months to 54 months) program room. This classroom has 2 teachers and 15 children in attendance during my observation. My study child is a male student age 4 who for this assignment I will refer to as C. The classroom environment as a whole can handle the children within the program, however I will provide a better picture of the entire room to…

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  • Stereotypes: Child And Childhood

    Our first seminar for this half of the course began with a question of whether we define ourselves as either child or adult. As I answered that question for myself as a 44 years old; I was caught off guard, a little. Society would very quickly expect me to answer adult. However; I could not help but say both and my friends and family could attest to that. I suppose it surprised me at how quickly I chose ‘both’ as my answer. I was a bit conflicted and later wondered how it seemed unacceptable for…

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  • Child Observation Paper

    10 years old and the daughter 15 years old to see different aspects of their development.) These interviews showed me a number of developmental characteristics that were present in the children of the University of Kansas Youth choir, which will be referred to as KUYC, and the two siblings, which shall from this point onward be referred to as “the 10 year old” and “the 15 year old,” respectively, that carried throughout the set stages of development outlined in our text. Starting with the…

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  • Analysis Of The Hurried Child

    The Hurried Child provides an eye opening reality that we as adults place a huge about of responsibilities on young children that aren’t ready to deal with the challenges. Children are losing their childhood due to society. Chapter one indicates that we are treating our children like miniature adults. Elkind’s states, “Today’s pressures on middle-class children go grow up fast begins in early childhood. Chief among them is the pressure for early intellectual attainment, deriving from a change…

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  • Child Neglect And Child Abuse

    in the darkness of the soul.” Child abuse is when a parent or a caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, cause injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. Child abuse comes in different forms. Children are abuse either through neglect, physical, sexual, exploitation, and/ or emotional abuse. Child abuse is a lot more than bruises and broken bones, while physical abuse is visible to the human eye other forms of abuse also can leave emotional scars. When you…

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  • Child Labor And Child Abuse

    Child abuse has been a big problem in America since before 1875. With this being such a huge problem there are different organizations that have been trying to put this to a stop for a while now. There are many programs out there for children to go and join to keep them out of danger, and a various amount of other laws to keep people from committing any act of abuse towards a child. Soon, there will be improvements of the programs we already have to prevent child abuse, and we will find out how…

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