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  • Abuse In Healthcare

    while working. The question was, is there any way to know if this customer is getting the same prescription note from other doctors and going to other pharmacies to get the same medication? The answer depends on where you live. A large majority of the states in the country have their own form of a database, but not all. These databases are not connected, either. If every pharmacy or doctors office had access to a shared database regarding their clients prescription abuse rates would be lower, unlawful distribution of drugs would not be as easy, and people would not be able to play the system and lie to doctors. Abused prescription medications usually fall into one of…

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  • Domestic Abuse

    decided to sexually abuse her. One night Mrs. Li’s husband came home in a drunken state and threatened to kill her with an air rifle. She then grabbed the rifle and slammed in his head twice, killing him. Afterwards, she cut off his head and put it in the pressure cooker. Then chopped his body pieces and boiled it before calling the police. Before all of this happenings, Mrs. Li had called her lawyer but instead of doing…

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  • Abuse Definition

    I never really knew what the true definition of abuse was. According to the dictionary, abuse is the improper or excessive use or treatment. I learned that abuse can be both mentally obtained and psychically. Honestly I can say that at first I did not know that there was a fine line between abuse and discipline. I cannot say that any of it was discipline because one is disciplined when they have done wrong. However, I have also learned that one can get abused for no reason. I will not pretend…

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  • Nursing Home Abuse

    people. The bitter truth is that the elderly in these homes are often the victims of various types of abuse that has an immense impact on their health. These forms of abuse include financial exploitation,…

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  • Abuse Of Elderly

    increased in the past century, to around 79 years of age in the United States, there has also been an enormous increase in the amount of elder abuse due to health and financial issues. An estimated 4 million elderly Americans are subjected to some sort of physical, psychological, or other form of abuse and neglect. Abuse of the elderly is due to the increased elderly population and has only be exacerbated by the financial turmoil and stagnant median income in the United States. In addition to…

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  • Argument For Animal Abuse

    abused every year. And that’s only out of the cases that are actually reported. Every year, more and more animals and innocent pets die because of animal abuse and neglect. But do you think people should go to jail for it? I believe that people should go to jail for animal abuse for multiple reasons. First, the animals are physically put through so much unbearable pain. Secondly, the animals are mentally torn apart during the abuse. Finally, the abuser him or herself most likely has no issue…

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  • Abuse In Society

    Those who abuse are cowards, selfish,and pathetic.It is disappointing to believe that society has people who even takes into consideration to be abusive or to even think abuse is ok. To tear a person down to where it affects that person’s identity, as of whom they really are as a person is outrageous. They who have been abused are allowing what they have been through decide who they are as a person. Any form of abuse is unsound, and shall be controlled, for this generation self identity relies…

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  • Elder Abuse

    Elder abuse come in many ugly forms. Abuse forms are compared to one another and labeled with descriptive words that causes different punishments, because society sets the standards of the abuse to how society see it. Should society not see emotional abuse or finical abuse just as wrong as sexual abuse and punish the criminals the same? Just because one action is deemed more severe in society does not mean the abused elder feels the same way. Elder, generally those over 65 that has one kind of…

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  • Animal Abuse

    societies are becoming increasingly aware of what qualifies as abuse and its effects on the victim. Domestic violence and physical abuse has long been accepted as wrong by the general population, but such abuses as sexual and emotional have stayed in a grey area until recently. Societal outrage at unsatisfactory sentences on rape and sexual assault cases, mental health being treated as the real disease it is, and understanding that men can be victims just as easily as women, have starting really…

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  • Substance Abuse In Youth

    Introduction “Substance abuse affects all age groups, but it is developed throughout youth causing direct impact to our society” (Sober College, 2014). There is no debate that substance abuse negatively affects a large amount of the population. This applies to every society as substance abuse is not limited to those with a high socioeconomic status and vice versa (Renneboog, 2014). Accordingly, this study deals with substance abuse, specifically the factors of substance abuse in youth. This is…

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