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  • Prescription Privilege In Counseling Psychology

    present equally compelling arguments, allowing psychologists prescription privileges emerges as the most convincing. This conclusion comes about mainly because of the belief that psychologists would be able to better serve their patients. Exactly how the support for this argument breaks down and possible counter points will be the focus of this paper. The major argument for allowing prescription privileges is that it would grant psychologists the ability to better care for their patients. One of the core principles of counseling psychology, for example, is that the psychologist treats the patient as a holistic being (Rinaldi, 2012, p.1219). With the…

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  • Doc. Com Case Study

    By showing doctors a complete digital history of patient prescriptions and automatically cross-referencing prescriptions to database of all approved drugs, doctors will be able to make more informed decisions to improve the lives of patients. The drug database complements the existing pharmaceutical dispensary system; patients will still visit a doctor, receive a prescription, and then visit a pharmacy to have it filled. It simply provides doctors with a proven method of avoiding prescription…

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  • Selling Prescriptions

    During your medical visit, he or she hands you a piece of paper. The paper consists of the medication that you need to use in order to feel better. You then drive to your nearest pharmacy to redeem the prescription signed by the doctor. But the pharmacist refused to fill your prescription up. They might’ve said they didn’t want to due to religious and ethic matter. The next thought they might pop up is, “Isn’t this illegal?” you can't use you omlll what Surprisingly, this practice of not…

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  • Planned Behavior: A Case Study

    Program Description Overview The United States is currently undergoing a deadly epidemic, prescription pain killers are taking more lives than motor vehicle accidents, more than cocaine and heroin combined, they are creating an addiction that seems to be growing out of control and law and health officials do not know how to control it. Since 1990 drug overdose rates have tripled in the United States, accounting for nearly 15,000 deaths alone in 2008 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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  • Increasing Prescription Rates: A Case Study

    If the increasing prescription rates are determined to be a health concern to the country, then appropriate action must be taken, and the driving factors of the increase must identified in order to guide this response. Advancements in Medicine. The most influential factor contributing to the increase is the rapid advancements occurring in the medical realm. In the past twenty years, there have been large enhancements to medical imaging technology, including computerized tomography (CAT) and…

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  • Pharmacists: Preventing Medical Errors

    expert they are the last person who can catch any errors. Pharmacists reduce the medical error by assessing every patient carefully, improving patient education, and improving communication with the healthcare community. A pharmacist is…

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  • Prescription Drug Abuse: A Case Study

    Clearly, all of drugs are addictive and unfortunately are not hard to find. “I was addicted for seven years, I was getting them from my friends, well who I thought were friends, and now after rehab I can’t see them anymore,” said Stashak (Stashak 2014). Like Stashak, many people purchase these drugs off of their “friends” who are prescribed by a doctor or get them from someone else. For some people they receive them right from their physicians. “Illegal acquisition of prescription drugs for…

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  • Why Do Pharmaceutical Companies Use Prescription Drugs Ethical?

    There has been a lot of talk recently in the news about how money spent on prescription drugs has increased 3% in 2013, which results to about $329.2 billion. Those are astonishing numbers, now if you take that number and you divide it by how many people live in the US, that works out to be about $1,000 per person spent on prescription drugs. Since doctors hold the key in prescribing drugs, some doctors are prescribing certain drugs that pharmaceutical companies are requesting them to prescribe…

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  • Case Study: CVS Health Corporation

    network management services, prescription management systems, clinical services, disease management programs, and medical pharmacy management services. This segment serves employers, insurance companies, unions, government employee groups, health plans, managed Medicaid plans and plans offered on public and private organizations. The Retail Pharmacy segment sells prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, beauty…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Physician Checkups

    scariest disease to ever be diagnosed with considering its uncurbable with today’s day in age medicine with only Chemotherapy to treat the disease and not for sure “cure” it. The statistic being one out of 71 cases being misdiagnosed is ridiculously high. For professionals in the field of medicine, there should be little to no error especially in diagnosing such a major disease. If cancer is misdiagnosed and a patient goes through chemotherapy treatment without having cancer, then the…

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