Medically unexplained physical symptoms

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  • Somatic Symptom Theory

    Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) embodies the conundrum of compartmentalizing mental disorders as separate from physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. The number of individuals presenting for treatment of somatic symptoms associated with mental duress is enormous (Sharma & Manjula, 2013). They suffer high disability, marked impairment of health status, and place massive financial burden on the health care system (APA, 2013; Ruttley, Ng & Burnside, 2014; Sharma & Manjula, 2013). Approximately half of patients present to caregivers with somatic complaints, of which a third cannot be explained by a medical condition (Sharma & Manjula, 2013). Individuals suffering from somatic symptoms report extreme dissatisfaction with primary, secondary…

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  • Essay On Presenting Complaint

    3 The difficulty in managing these patients is that they are often examined thoroughly for a medical cause initially and when none is found, patients can often feel dismissed when the discussion of psychological intervention arises.1 This presentation to the General practitioner initially with somatoform disorder and medically unexplained symptoms can present lots of challenges for the patient and for the GP alike. 4The GP plays an essential role in the successful management of these conditions…

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  • Summary Of Suzanne O 'Sullivan's Article When The Body Speaks'

    One on a single woman and one on a married man. Even though they have done extensive research this is still an ongoing problem that has no clear explanation. In the article it talks about psychosomatic illnesses, and that there is no single solution for this illness. Psychosomatic disorders or illnesses are physical symptoms that mask emotional distress. The physical symptoms hide the emotional distress, so in nature it causes someone to seek medical attention, thinking they have something…

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  • Biopsychosocial Trauma Case Study

    Yzermans, Donker, & Vasterman (2004) revealed that 30 months after the explosion of a European factory in 2000, “victims showed high levels of medically unexplained physical symptoms, including gastrointestinal problems” (as cited in Martin, 2006, p. 3). Moreover, after hurricane Sandy, the Mental Health Association of Nebraska (2012) discovered that a full year after the storm, doctors continued to see many people with storm-related medical symptoms. “Common health complaints were headaches,…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Theory Of Psychosexual Development

    A number of simple formulas, which to begin with seemed to meet our needs, have later turned out to be inadequate….Here, when we are dealing with anxiety, you see everything in a state of flux and change.” By the 1890s, Freud had come to believe that the symptoms displayed by many of his patients were the product, not of disease of the physical nervous system, but rather of their failure to deal with invisible, unconscious and primarily sexual, psychological drives. This insight became the…

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