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  • Essay On Morphine

    Heroin is a highly addictive, illegal substance synthesized from morphine. Morphine is a derivative of the seedpod of opium poppy plants. Heroine is classified in the opioid family in the United States, heroin is an illicit drug classified as having no medical utility; however it has been used, and in some countries is still in use for medical treatment. It 's medicinal uses include the treatment of pain from different types of trauma, chronic pain, respiratory illnesses including tuberculosis and chronic pain associated with cancer. In the late 19th century doctors and pharmacists became increasingly aware of morphine 's addictive properties, and in 1874 chemist Alder Wright began synthesizing morphine in his lab at a London hospital.…

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  • Morphine Essay

    In this paper we will be examining the drug morphine as well as looking at opium poppy, whose family name is Papaveraceae; Genus name Papaver; species name somniferum. First readers will be introduced to the basic anatomy and physiology of the plant, including particulars about morphine’s relationship to opium poppy. Proceeding this discussion, readers will acquire an understanding about the species origin and historical usages. Following the discourse, readers will examine some modern facts and…

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  • Morphine Case Study

    Morphine (MS Contin®, Avinza®, Kadian®, Embeda®, others) Morphine treats moderate-to-severe pain and is a Schedule 2 opioid. Although once available only as a rapidly acting formulation, long-acting products are now routinely prescribed to treat chronic pain. Morphine is the most prominent and active ingredient in opium. It was first extracted from opium some 200 years ago. Morphine is as easy to abuse as heroin and carries the same risks as heroin. To reduce the potential for abuse, the newer…

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  • Morphine Research Paper

    Morphine is a drug that is used for pain relief. It acts on the central nervous system to decrease pain. The drug can be given in many forms, such as through the mouth, insertion into muscle, under the skin, intravenously, into the spinal cord, and rectally. This drug can be used for both chronic and acute pain. A person who has recently undergone surgery or a pregnancy are examples for why someone may choose to consume morphine. Morphine can increase the pain tolerance for a person who is…

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  • Analgesic Effects Of Tramadol And Morphine

    Morphine is an opioid where as Tramadol is not an opioid but still binds into the opioid receptor and produces the same effect as an opioid would, if medication is strengthened. Both tramadol (oral) and morphine (oral) are commonly used for pain management. While tramadol is used to treat moderate pain, morphine is used for moderate to severe nociceptive pain, such as pain due to surgery, trauma or cancer. Evidence suggests that tramadol can ease opioid withdrawal, therefore it cannot be abused…

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  • TRAMADEL And Morphine: A Comparative Analysis

    TRAMADOL AND MORPHINE BMS291 An opioid is defined as “A drug that contains opium, opium derivatives or synthetic drugs that have an opium-like effect.” (Harris, 2010) Morphine is a prototype opioid that is used to treat patients with moderate to severe pain usually associated with postoperative pain or neoplastic disease. (Tiziani, 2010) Morphine produces pharmacological actions such as pain relief, by acting on receptors located on neural cell membranes. (News Medical, 2015) Morphine…

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  • Opioids: Opium, Morphine, Heroine

    Opioids: Opium, Morphine, Heroine and Codeine Opium What are the street names of the drug? Some of the common names or slang words used on the street to acquire this drug are names such as, Aunti Emma, Big O, Black Pill, Dream Gun, Dream Stick, Dreams, God’s Medicine, Gondola, Toxy, Toy, Gumma, Chandu, Buddah, Emerald City, and midnight oil. How does the drug work? Opium works by mimicking the effects of neurotransmitters located int he brain. This neurotransmitters are know as endorphin.…

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  • Heroin Is More Potent Than Morphine

    Heroin is classified as a narcotic. Narcotics are a type of depressant that suppress the sensation of pain by stimulating the receptor sites that deaden pain. All narcotics come from a plant substance called opium. Heroin is a imitative form of morphine without the disagreeable side effects of morphine. The theory was that heroin was purer than morphine and the impurities heroin lacked is what caused the harmful side effects in morphine. Heroin is two to four times more potent than morphine.…

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  • Morphine In Three Day Road

    friendship. In addition to how morphine helped set the plot into motion, morphine also put a negative spin on the characters and plot. It is important for an individual to find healthy ways to heal after being exposed to such tragedies. When an individual overcomes these past adversities they will come to a new point of view in their life, such as Xavier had. Morphine corrupted Elijah and turned him into an emotionless killing sniper. He had soon lost his identity and consciousness. Elijah would…

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  • The Parallel Terms Of The Drug Heroin

    Upon entering the brain, enzymes convert heroin back into morphine. Once in morphine form, it quickly binds to the opioid receptors in the brain. This binding action triggers sensations of pain relief and even euphoria – which are more intense than the sensations produced by the body’s own endorphins binding to these receptors. The duplication of endorphins slows down the nervous system and stops the production of the neurotransmitter. When the drug wears off, there is no protection against any…

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