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  • Eileen Foster V. Bfa And Countrywide Case Study

    Management while she was working for the Countrywide Financial Corp. This role requires our whistleblower to supervise and monitor internal bank processes and mortgage fraud investigations, if needed, organize and send conclusion in the form of suspicious activity report to the U.S. Treasury as well as the board of directors. During her time, she learned that Full Spectrum Lending Division (FSL) managers in the Boston area were subject to several fraud allegations, she directed an investigation into the matter, found conclusive evidence of “egregious fraud”, including document and invoice forgery,…

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  • Real Estate And Mortgage Meltdown Analysis

    Yes, indeed, the real estate and mortgage meltdown did have a crushing impact on the United States economy. No one knows that better than me. During the time of the real estate industry collapse, my husband worked for a company that did marketing for both the real estate and automotive industries – perhaps the two worst industries you could be involved in at that particular time. Within two years, the company went from being on the illustrious Inc Magazine “Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies” to…

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  • Dream Home Research Paper

    If you’re frugal now, you’ll benefit later with extra money in the bank and being able to pay down more of your debt. You don’t want to appear to be a credit risk to lenders right now. Build a history of timely repayment. CONSIDER RENTING If you’re still in the house that was foreclosed you might consider staying for a while. Learn about the Freddie Mac “REO Rental Initiative”. It gives qualified individuals a chance to pay rent on a month to month basis on the foreclosed property until the…

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  • Lingering Effects Of The Foreclosure Crises And Lack Of Self Discipline

    and laying off their liability with swap instruments betting that mortgages would not be paid. While I’m sure that many were trying to do right by their borrowers, I almost believe that some of those bank and mortgage lender employees…

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  • The Big Short

    regulated the financial industry. This led to different rules and standards for each entity and leaving some entities completely unregulated (Morrison and Foerster). The Dodd-Frank act aimed to put the US under one regulation and oversight system. This act resulted in many fundamental changes to the US financial system; holding eight components that make it difficult for a repeat of the financial crisis. Some of these components are things such as overseeing wall street, regulating risky…

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  • MFAA Code Of Practice

    Introduction – the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia Legal practitioners who advise the finance broking industry should have working knowledge of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and its Code of Practice. MFAA is a national body providing services and representation to professional finance brokers, being mortgage brokers, finance brokers, mortgage managers and mortgage aggregators. Generally, mortgage managers are those who manage credit contracts or leases on…

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  • 5 Common Fears Of Buying A House

    you might not want to pass up. Here are some of the common fears that new buyers have and why you should let it stop you. What if I Can’t Afford It? Everyone has heard how many hidden costs pop up during the home buying process and during the life of a homeowner. Why would you want to stop the predictable world of renting to take on these extra expenses? Many first time homeowners feel like they have to give away their lifelong savings just to purchase a house. Between the down payment,…

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  • The Foreclosure Crisis

    Foreclosure is a process by which a lender forcibly tries to sell the property of a lendee for non-payment of the loan attached to said property. In 2007 the mortgage market suffered significant foreclosure crisis. Several homeowners were finding themselves unable to make monthly payments to lending agencies, which subsequently led to mass foreclosures. According to Tatom (2009) the mortgage loan foreclosure has been the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. The housing market has…

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  • Cocklal V. Sucklal Case

    allegations of fraud throughout her brief. Notwithstanding the fact that Sucklal’s allegations fall woefully short of making a prima facie showing of fraud, see Spangler v. Sprosty Bag Co., 183 Md. 166, 173 (1944) (“[One] seeking any relief on the ground of fraud must distinctly state the particular facts and circumstances constituting the fraud . . . . General charges of fraud or that acts were fraudulently committed are of no avail . . . .”), the fraud Sucklal alleges is unrelated to the…

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  • Foreclosure Crisis Case Study

    thoughtful regardless of which political party is responsible. Thousands of jobs were created in the construction trade alone. With home values increasing, overall wealth increased and with that came major purchases. As long as the home prices continued to soar, the system could sustain itself. Almost. Some people were going to lose their homes no matter what the market did. The adjustable rate mortgages and balloon payments were too much for the low-income buyer to handle. After two…

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