Positive Effects Of Heroin

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Heroin is a highly addictive, illegal substance synthesized from morphine. Morphine is a derivative of the seedpod of opium poppy plants. Heroine is classified in the opioid family in the United States, heroin is an illicit drug classified as having no medical utility; however it has been used, and in some countries is still in use for medical treatment. It 's medicinal uses include the treatment of pain from different types of trauma, chronic pain, respiratory illnesses including tuberculosis and chronic pain associated with cancer.

In the late 19th century doctors and pharmacists became increasingly aware of morphine 's addictive properties, and in 1874 chemist Alder Wright began synthesizing morphine in his lab at a London hospital. What he came up with was diacteylmorphine, a more potent narcotic. Alder sent his new semi-synthetic morphine to Heinrich Dreser, a chemist at Bayer Laboratories.1 Dreser tested the substance on animals, humans, and more notably himself. He found the substance to be a powerful painkiller, and it appeared to be effective for a variety of respiratory ailments. The drug was first synthesized in Bayer labs in 1897 by chemist Felix Hoffmann. In 1898 Bayer began production of the drug as an analgesic and a sedative for coughs. Because of its “heroic ability to relieve pain” they called it Heroin.2
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The country where is really took off was the United States, where there was already a large population of morphine addicts. Manufacturer of cough syrup began lacing their products with heroin. In a 1900 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, heroine was described as “possessing many advantages over morphine,” it was also stated in the journal “... it is not hypnotic, and there 's no danger of acquiring a habit.” The American Medical Association approved heroin in 1906, with strong reservations about a habit that was readily

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