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  • Medicine And Greco-Roman Medicine

    all want answers when things go wrong, we all want to feel better. Today modern medicine allows for quick answers and a pill or treatment for almost anything. We have determined that viruses and bacteria are malignant cells that attack the healthy cells within our bodies and that sickness is the result of the immune system trying to defend the body from the malignant cells. What would it have been like to have suffered from an illness in ancient Rome or Greece? When sickness and pain was punishment from the gods themselves. What medical practices and philosophies have remained with us through the centuries? What discoveries have lead to a better understanding…

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  • Hmong Medicine Vs Modern Medicine

    Medicine is a field that has evolved across edges. In the ancient ages, each society had its rules of medicine regarding the rampant infections that were in the geographical location that one lived. The morbidity and mortality factors are the triggering factors of finding the cure of the illnesses that one is likely to suffer from owing to the symptoms that they present. Though certain infections are only rampant in certain areas, most infections are universal. With the emergence of new…

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  • Roman Medicine Vs Greek Medicine

    Greek medicine is traditional indigenous holistic healing system of Western civilization. This is based on healing arts that consist of natural remedies. It was believed that this type of medicine was a form of religion or magic where rituals were used as treatments for all type of diseases. It all began and systematized by the Greek philosopher and physician known as Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C.E. Medicine as many other things in life are expected to developed over the course of time…

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  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist: Is Medicine For You?

    Is Medicine for you? “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”― Hippocrates Nuclear medicine technologist are really passionate about what they do, their job is to find a treatment or the diagnoses the patient has and their one mission is to help the patient be healthy as possible. Most people are not familiar with nuclear medicine which is common because it is not popular in the medical field but if interested in the medical field but not into the whole bloody…

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  • Modern Medicine Vs Western Medicine

    Western medicine is primarily the medicine that all of North America and Western Europe are under the general care of. A large part of the population is oblivious to the way Western Medicine has everyone stuck in a trap of epic disaster. The collective actions of modern medicine will slowly build up antibiotic resistance, weaken immune systems and will eventually cause complete mutation of mindset when people are unaware how to function without having a quick fix pill for their health problem.…

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  • Medicine Wheel Vs Medicine Wheel

    THE FIRST NATIONS MEDICINE WHEEL AND THE DIMENSIONS OF WELLNESS  A discussion on the similarities between the two Health, as defined by the World health organization (WHO) is “a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Modern medicine, however over the years has clarified the idea of health and disease and made it a single dimensional entity. Some…

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  • Darwinian Medicine Vs Western Medicine

    1. The biggest difference between Darwinian medicine and Western medicine approachs to infectious diseases are their views. Western medicine looks at infectious diseases in a more proximal view where they want to cure the patient now and provide them with the most comfortable pathway. However, Darwinian medicine looks at infectious disease in a broader image where they take into consideration how curing an illness might weaken our future immunity or even lengthen the time it takes to heal.…

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  • Osteopathic Medicine

    While all forms of medicine help to treat the patient, osteopathic medicine takes the full person into account during treatment. Just like the doctor can’t help the family become accepting of the mother’s condition but, only help guide them on the healing journey; osteopathic medicine helps promote the body to self-heal. Every aspect of the patient’s life is considered during treatment consequently, a better understanding of the patient is learned instead of just considering symptoms and…

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  • Personalized Medicine

    When scientists first took the huge leap of deciphering the intricacies of the human genome twelve years ago, the common man benefited in ways unknown to him. And, as more and more data flowed in, the healthcare domain embarked on a new and renewed journey, lead by the field of genomics. A personalized approach to medicine is now heralded as the new future of healthcare—a unique and defined way to move forward which will not only trim healthcare costs but also improve care by doing away with…

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  • Technology In Medicine

    The movie “Elysium” about the future showed a medical pod that is diagnosed the patient, created an electronic record and instantly cured with the report. These ideas seem fantastic, but some of them have already presented in the medicine but at an early stage of development. The medicine evolved with the implementation of technologies during the industrial revolution and now in the time of the information society. Mavericks in medicine have always used new inventions for modifications and…

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