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  • A Career In Pediatric Oncology

    Pediatric Oncology is a career in the medical field. A pediatric oncologist is a doctor that specializes in children’s health (pediatric) and cancer (oncology). My reason for studying this career is because this career seems like something I would really enjoy doing. Not only is this job a secure job, but it gives me a chance to help others. Before this research paper, I knew that to become this type of doctor, I would be in school for at least 8 years. I knew that all doctors have to complete a residency after medical school. I wondered what specific board certifications I needed and exactly how many years of college I had to do. I learned the average salary, what this job actually entitles, and many other things that will be described in…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Oncology

    Started from 1895, when Wihelm Cornrad Roentgen discovered X-rays, numerous groundbreaking findings laid the foundation for medical imaging (Riesz 1995). Since the beginning of the twentieth century, many medical imaging modalities have been used in routine clinical practice to obtain anatomical and physiological information. PET, for instance, is used for physiological imaging. Ultrasound, MRI and CT are commonly used for soft tissue structures (Weissleder and Pittet 2008). In oncology, the…

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  • The Role Of Surgery In Gynecologic Oncology

    Introduction One of the most popular methods of surgery in gynecologic oncology is the Laparoscopy, a minimally invasive surgery technique. This method of surgery has many benefits, such as quicker recovery time, shorter hospital stay, less post-operative discomfort, and smaller scars (“What is Laparoscopic Surgery”). This surgery procedure is one of the safest for this type of oncology. While laparoscopy is one of the best surgical methods, it still has its limitations. These limitations can…

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  • Oncology Nurse Research Paper

    can write orders, while others strictly follow provider orders. Nursing regulations vary greatly from country to country and even within specialty to specialty. Below is insight into the different nursing roles comparing oncology nurses in both the United States and Canada. Global Leadership Roles United States The Oncology Nursing Society published a leadership competency review which gives insight into the leadership roles…

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  • Palliative Oncology Nurse Reflection

    I am a full time student aiming to be a palliative oncology nurse in the future. I want to work with dying patients who have cancer to help them in their end of life. It sounds scary but I think that we should be more open about death because everyone dies, it 's only a matter of time so we should be taking care, not only of the sick but also of the dying. My physical health right now is alright, although I do have a problem that I should go see the doctor but I am to lazy to go. If it is what I…

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  • My Career In Radiation Oncology

    I worked a variety of jobs after graduating high school with no clear vision of what I wanted to do long term and furthermore never considered a health care profession. In a way I might say it happened by accident. I moved to a new city and acquired employment through a staffing agency as a receptionist in an orthopedic surgeon’s office, this is where I found my passion. I truly enjoyed working with patients and at the age of 25 made the decision to pursue my education full time. I was…

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  • Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Animals

    This one event changed my life forever. One thing about me that the situation did not change was the fact that I wanted to make a difference. The unfortunate part was that I did not even know where to start. I contemplated changing my major to go into human oncology, but my passion for animals was too strong to leave my major. At that time, I decided to stick with exotic animals and try for an internship with the Walt Disney Company. My position, though not working with animals, was at Disney’s…

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  • Personal Statement Essay: My Passion For Education

    my community, and fascination with virtually every aspect of medical science, particularly oncology and genetic mutation. Pursing a broad field of knowledge with constantly…

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  • Oncology Nurse Personal Statement

    service members not only to save their lives, but to promote and preserve quality of life. During the time I was at medic school I gazed to comprehend the vitality of taking care and helping individuals. After a few weeks at medic school, I expressed to comprehend the soundness of people, and I was instantly snared on taking a gander at wellbeing as a vital piece of life. After my mother and wife passing away because of cancer, I realized that I needed to be fundamentally included myself in the…

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  • Texas Oncology Case Study

    professional for two decades and currently works at Texas Oncology, has said that sugar spikes cause far more heart disease than the fats that we are so conscious of do. “Western Europeans – Germans, the Polish, the Dutch – all eat far more fats than we do, and yet have far fewer instances of heart disease. We have done studies and what the studies show is that it isn’t the fats that cause heart disease, or not completely. Blood sugar levels spiking causes far more heart disease than the fats we…

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