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  • Tumor Metastasis

    Introduction - A tumor metastasis, which is a buildup of secondary malignant growths at a distance from the primary site of cancer requires chains of biological steps, which would allow a tumor cell to attain the ability to invade surroundings and to survive outside the original tumor site. During the first stages of cancer, the cells undergo an epithelial mesenchymal transition otherwise known as EMT. The mesenchymal cells participate in tissue repair and pathological processes. An EMT is a biologic process that allows a polarized epithelial cell, to undertake multiple biochemical processes that facilitate it to assume a mesenchymal cell phenotype. The mesenchymal cell phenotype includes enhanced migratory capacity, invasiveness, elevated…

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  • Essay On Tumor Metastasis

    Tumor metastasis involves a series of sequential events, specifically controlled by molecular pathways. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is the first event in this series. EMT is a biologic process involving loss of polarization of epithelial cells that normally interact with basement membrane through its basal surface. These cells endure biochemical changes and transform into mesenchymal phenotypes (Kalluri and Weinberg, 1997). This transformation imparts increased migratory potential,…

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  • Cn Metastasis Case Study Examples

    5 years and from 89% to 90% at 10 years,17 the effect of cervical nodal metastasis on survival is difficult to assess.18 In the absence of a survival benefit, potential morbidities and medical economics, the value of the conventional use of neck dissection is not accepted.18 PCND in clinically node-negative DTC patients remains controversial.19 Patients with PTC are usually young, and cervical metastases are not uncommon.20 The mean age of our patients was 30±2.3 years, which is comparable to…

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  • Metastasis: The Main Cause Of Breast Cancer

    I. INTRODUCTION From the recent studies it has been known that breast cancer is the common occuring cancer among women in the worldwide. Metastasis is regarded to be as the main cause of death in breast cancer patients and reason for death around 90% of breast cancer are depicted because of local invasion and migration of tumor cells. Metastasis is defined as the spread of cancerous cells from the tumor site to the distance organs. It is a composite process that are divided into numerous…

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  • Bone Metastasis Essay

    malignancies result in metastasis in the skeletal tissue. The most frequent organ affected by metastases besides lung and liver is bone. Most of of these metastases are caused by breast or prostate carcinoma. Majority of patients with metastatic conditions develop bone metastases that further leads to a pronounced morbidity and mortality as a result of skeletal-related events (SREs) which generally include hypercalcemia due to malignancy, pathological fractures etc and thus involves the…

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  • Bone Metastasis Research Paper

    Bone Metastasis Bone metastasis is cancer that spreads to the bones from another part of the body. A person may have bone metastasis in one bone or in more than one bone. Cancer that spreads to the bones is different from cancer that starts in the bones (primary bone cancer). Bone metastasis is more common than primary bone cancer. The spine is the most common area for bone metastasis. Other common areas include the: • Hip bone (pelvis). • Ribs. • Skull. • Long bones of the arm or…

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  • Metastatic Brain Tumors

    Cancer cells can break away from the primary tumor site and travel through blood and lymphatic vessels. This is how cancer cells spread, or metastasize, to another part of the body, such as the brain. These tumors can develop when a patient’s primary cancer, while still undetectable at its original site, sends out metastatic cells that travel to the brain and establish themselves there. Most cancer patients are actually at risk of having their tumor spread to multiple sites. …

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  • Cadherin Research Paper

    this gene has discovered that it is located on Chromosome 18-NC_000018.10, assembly GRCh38.p2 on humans, and contains 20 exons.(9) N-cadherin is one of the classification of the cadherin superfamily, and is composed of five extracellular cadherin repeats, highly conserved cytoplasmic tail and a transmembrane region. This protein’s purpose is to mediate cell-cell adhesion by interacting with adjacent cell in an anti-parallel conformation, forming a linear zip-like adhesion between cells.(9) The…

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  • Prostaglandin Proliferation In Colon Cancer Research

    malignant tumor are capable of spreading to nearby tissues and this is known as metastasis or secondary Cancer. The exposure to mutagens can also result to cancer. Mutagen is chemical or physical agent that changes the genetic material, in most cases the DNA. Colon Cancer is a cancer of the larger intestine that results from the abnormal cell growth within the colon called Polyps. Some polyps are precancerous tumors, they take a long period to grow and as such they are not capable to metastasis…

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  • Bms1 Research Paper

    a functional gene, is composed of 10 exons and ranged from 7.8kb of genomic DNA. It is a member of mSIN3-HDAC transcription co-repressor complex and resides normally in the nucleus. Product of alternative splicing, two mRNA transcripts, which are in turn translated into two distinct proteins, 246 amino acids and 290 amino acids. When the structure of BRMS1 promoter is studied, two hyper methylated cytosine-phosphoguanine (CpG) islands (region -3477 to -2214 and -531 to +608) are found. Hyper…

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