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  • Importance Of Medical School

    It is not an easy decision to get into medical school. Thinking about the years I will spend digging between the books and running from one side of the building to another definitely gave me goose bumps. However, that feeling was not anywhere near a bad one, on the contrary, it was that kind of excitement that nothing else can give to you. Two main factors seeded and watered the love of medicine in me: the first one is having two doctors in the family; my father and my sister, who spend their time helping out others with all they can and showing how much of a noble job medicine is. The second factor itself happened when I was just a boy who had a baby brother with Down syndrome, who was -and still is- a very special person to me. Of course,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Medical School

    They would like nothing more than to go to medical school, so they can start achieving their dream. Sadly, many cannot. To be allowed into medical school, not only do you have to be one of the few that gets accepted, but you also need to have the financial background so you can pay your way through it. It should be easier to get into medical school so more people can become doctors. The cost of medical school averages at $51,044 per year. The cheapest medical school tuition would be if you go to…

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  • My Experience In Medical School

    Medicine has always been my true passion. As a first generation college student, I was constantly reminded of the importance of education by my parents. However, I never had a role model to look up to in the medical field. The interest stemmed from my doctor’s visits as a child. I was never particularly prone to illness but yearly checkups made the doctor’s office a somewhat familiar place. I found the pediatric office comforting in many ways. I loved getting to see the doctor, finding out my…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Medical School

    poets where one needs to use all of the creative powers to write even a single poem, and one doesn 't ask for help unless he has tried it by himself. These qualities of a humble and a helping person along with a critical thinker were instilled in me early in my life. These values along with my hard work led me to medical school and to choose my career as a doctor. Beginning in medical school, I found passion in teaching other students and watching their progress over time. I believe that the…

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  • Personal Statement Essay: My Interest In Medical School

    after my first real experience in a medical setting. That was also the start of many experiences that fostered my interest in medicine. During my time at the University of Iowa, I continued to shadow and volunteer in various medical settings. I began to find my admiration for…

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  • My Journey To Medical School

    Robert Frost’s poem explains my journey to medical school best. Medicine has been my plan since 3rd grade. Looking back, I can see myself standing at a crossroad debating which path to take. I chose to take the path most medical students do not – a less “traditional” path that led me to this point. I’ve encountered many challenges, experienced many setbacks, but ultimately persevered until I’ve achieved success. Through my experiences, I’ve developed many skills like service, leadership, and…

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  • Why Are You Interested In Attending A Medical School

    Please answer the question in 350 words or less. Why are you interested in attending the University of Virginia School of Medicine? What factors will be most important to you in choosing a medical school? University of Virginia’s reputation as a forerunner in medical education and research with values such as excellence and leadership make it an ideal match for an engaged, driven student like myself. As an undergraduate, I gained invaluable hands-on clinical experience working in the University…

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  • My Goals For Medical School

    would like to work my hardest to get good grades so I can attend a respected college. I realize that I’m currently in the last semester of my junior year, which means that I do not have a lot of time before I start applying for colleges and preparing for my future. This means that right now my performance in school plays a significant role in my chances of being accepted to college, so it’s crucial that I realize that this is an important time in my high school career where I really need to…

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  • My Path To Medical School

    to the decision to attend medical school. Since I was a child I have been interested in the workings of the human body. When I was younger, my father was involved in a car accident; he suffered…

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  • Different Roles Between A School Social Workers And A Medical Social Worker

    are different roles between a School Social Worker and Medical Social Worker. In today’s society there are many issues occurring in the school systems and medical systems that require the attention, assistance and need of social workers. An example in the school would be, children not being able to focus in the classroom, due to issues in their home life environment . In the Medical arena there are abused children being sent the hospital. In today’s society and the era in which we live,…

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