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  • Pursuing A Dentist Career

    They also treat injuries and repair any dental issues. Additionally, to be able to pursue a career in dentistry one must first earn a bachelors degree which takes 4 years to earn, and then later obtain either a doctoral degree in Dental Medicine or Dental Surgery. 8 years is the amount of time it would take me to become a certified dentist, and be able to work in my community. However, in order to accomplish all of this, I must first attend a college. U.S News and World Report said that the University of California at Los Angeles is the best university to attend for this career. UCLA was ranked one of the top five schools in medicine. Furthermore, the requirements that must be met for the university is having an ACT of 28, and along with that a GPA of 4.03. A dentist’s starting salary would be $140,000 with benefits like paid sick leave, thirty days of paid vacation, health insurance, life insurance. Dentistry is a career many individuals go to school to pursue, and for others physical therapy is something they would rather do and it was one of the careers that I…

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  • Emergency Medical Technician Research Paper

    emergency room surgeon responds immediately, rushing to his aid. The patient’s appendix has ruptured, requiring immediate surgery to prevent the spread of toxins in his body. In the operating room, the surgeon operates skillfully, methodically, and quickly to save the patient’s life. Surgeons literally have the power to save lives. A surgeon performs operations on people who have injuries or who have other ailments that can not be cured through medications (“Surgeons,” Careers 179). It is a…

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  • Nurse Practitioner Disadvantages

    physician (Joel, 2013, p. 11). These providers were idealized to provide basic care and promote disease prevention. There was a need for a practitioner who could provide both nursing and medical care. Development Education for the nurse practitioner has become more organized with standardization, regulation, and accreditation. One can no longer become a nurse practitioner without a bachelor’s degree and is no longer solely a certification. However, some organizations are for the…

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  • My Shadowing Experience Essay

    Strolling through the mall in search of an optometrist office I visited two years ago, I ran into a doctor by the name of Courtney Thompson. She was wearing green scrubs and white tennis shoes along with a warm smile. She spoke with a pleasant tone as she politely asked, “How can I help you today?” It took me by surprise that attention was directed towards me. I inquisitively responded, “I am looking for an optometrist office to speak with a doctor in regards to shadowing.” Her face lit up like…

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  • Becoming An Actuary

    Figuring out how to apply to college by myself was no easy task and so I want to be able to guide them once their college days come around. Having two siblings who look up to me on a daily basis, I want to set an example of overcoming adversity and obtaining education for empowerment. Being that my sister is only 11 years old and is already talking about medical school and how she wants to become a doctor just brings tears of joy. My brothers aspirations in becoming an engineer can’t be left…

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  • Latino In Education Essay

    Of second generation Latinos, 2.2% are attending graduate school, which is surprisingly comparable to 1.9 and 1.7% found in first- and third-generation Latinos, respectively (Fry 2002). Therefore, we see that you generation ceases to matter when you reach the graduate level of education. However, going back to the data, we see that Latinos are under-represented in the nation 's most prestigious job opportunities, such as doctors and lawyers. Even though students could study any number of…

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  • Middleboro Community Hospital Case Study Analysis

    The internal environment of Middleboro Community Hospital is quite varied. The culture is very diverse yet tranquil in nature, for the most part, though there seems to be a bit of disorder among management staffing and employee retention. MCH has continued to be strong financially over time, and they are money-wise. When there is a need to build additions to the hospital, fund-raising campaigns and Federal Hill-Burton monies are used for funds to finance the non-for-profit hospital.…

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  • How Did Elizabeth Blackwell Impact Society

    and her family moved to New York City in 1832. Her family was active in the abolishment movement but their efforts were not successful. In 1838, her family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and her family assisted escaped slaves. Her dad died a few months later. Elizabeth wanted to be a doctor but all the medical schools she tried to get in would not admit her. So she studied with doctors in the south privately. Geneva Medical School of western New York admitted her in 1847. When Elizabeth got accepted…

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  • Story Musgrave: A Brief Biography

    UCLA Alumni: Story Musgrave Life has its ups and downs, challenges and low points that everyone must overcome. Story Musgrave is a retired NASA astronaut and American physician born on August 19, 1935, in Boston Massachusetts. He was able to defy all odds and proved that any ambition can be reached while achieving goals above and beyond, all while starting his inspiring journey at a undoubtedly young age. Although Musgrave had a broken, alcohol driven, violent family, he made an attempt to…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Cancer Has Affected My School Work

    It has been about a year since I found out I had cancer. Having cancer affected my school work, my taekwondo training, and my emotional and physical self. In November of 2014, after being sick for months, my father brought me to the doctor to see what was going wrong with me. After being examined by the doctor, she told me I had strep throat and my neck was swollen because of it. She told me that if the swelling in my neck didn't go down in a few months I was to make another appointment to see…

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