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  • Dog Service Dog

    In 2014, the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) published an award winning commercial advocating the use of service dogs for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. The advertisement, while being aimed towards those who might have someone in their lives PTSD, lends itself to a larger audience through its strong use of pathos and ethos. By using images with connotations that are universally familiar, it tries to evoke a strong sense of sympathy and emotion in a wide range of people. The commercial also appeals to the audience through its presentation of relatable material to draw in viewers and connect with them. The commercial begins with a close-up view of a man’s eye and part of his dirty face. There is no music, only faint, nonthreatening…

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  • Dog Service Dog Essay

    Another great service dog that improves the lives of others who suffer from Diabetes are diabetic alert dogs. These dogs are trained to inform diabetics when blood sugars are low or high. They can also detect when the blood sugars are going to drop, this allows them to fix it before harm can come to them. When diabetics have low blood sugar they will have a hard time using their motor skills. This requires them to get up to get something to bring their sugar up and if they can't it will cause…

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  • The Dog: The Evolution Of The Dog

    Evolution of the dog Evolution is the process of which an animal will change and develop to adapt to better suit its environment over many generations. The dog has evolved from the wolf mainly from domestication but all in different ways. Dogs have been bred and domesticated to fulfil different purposes for example a terrier has been breed to hunt small rodents hence their size and agility, however the great dane was breed to hunt larger animals like boars. This is done by artificial selection…

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  • Evolution Of Dogs

    1. This research paper is a report on the evolution of the taxonomic group of dogs. This information will be displayed in a variety of ways and will explain the different aspects of dogs evolutionary process, as well as their biodiversity in their environment. To begin, dogs are in the phylum Chordata, and the class Mammalia. Within the phylum group Chordata is all humans and animals with a backbone. There are four main distinguishing features of the animals in the Chordata phylum: A dorsal,…

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  • Relationship Between Dogs And Dogs

    By our sides, dogs have been around for centuries. The relationship between dogs and humans has changed over time. Dogs have changed over time because they have become pets. Dogs have become pets and joined many families around the world. Wolves evolutionized into dogs and became close to humans. Wolves would snack on human leftovers from meals and this caused for the pups that were born to be used to eating human food. At one time in the time, dogs were workers for humans and were not allowed…

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  • Blastomycosis In Dogs

    Blastomycosis in Dogs Jaime Green Volunteer State Community College 15 April 2017 Blastomycosis, also known as North American Blastomycosis and Gilchrist’s Disease in humans, is a fungal infection caused by the organism Blastomyces Dermatitidis. This fungus occurs naturally in North America and infections are most often seen in geographic areas located near water, such as Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Missouri river basins. This systemic yeast like fungal infection occurs…

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  • Pedigreed Dogs

    Like dogs, cats have been around for thousands of years, and these felines have been continuously bred to keep their lineages which highlight their distinct features. While most cats have common physical characteristics such as round or lean faces, shortened snouts, inward-folded ears, and an assortment of fur color, textures, and lengths, pedigreed dogs have more differences. Some dogs are short-legged, while others are tall and lean, and some can weigh almost the same as humans. The Cat…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Dog By A Dog

    This story is all about the time my eye got scratched, by a dog! Okay so let's back it up and start at the beginning of the day. I remember that specific morning was Thanksgiving day of either 2008 or 2009. I don't remember much about the morning but I can recall my mom talking on the phone a bit, then coming out and dressing my sister and I. We were still young and couldn’t properly pick our clothes out, especially since this was a special occasion. My mom knew this lady and they were good…

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  • Safe For Dogs: Is Honey Safe For Dogs?

    Is honey safe for dogs? The answer: it depends. While honey has been proven to have medicinal properties -- with reports of some owners using honey to treat their dog’s allergies and as topical solution to burns, with success -- it’s not for every dog. According to the American Kennel Club, giving raw honey to dogs can be dangerous to their health, especially dogs with compromised immune systems and puppies, which can be at risk of botulism. On the contrary, raw honey can be given to dogs…

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  • Assistance Dogs

    They can be the gift of independence for many individuals. They can be the hands, ears, or eye of their human companions. Some examples of assistance dogs are seizure, autism, mobility, medical, mental, hearing, allergy detection, and guide assistance dogs. These animals can detect and save their partners from these health problems by sensing with they are going to happen. They can read when an episode is going to happen by looking at the owners change of behavior, body language, or even an odor…

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