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  • Dolly's Influence In The Best Little Whorehouse

    Some of the situations that the film characters contend with are based on the real experiences of the ‘Nine to Five’ women. To turn her idea into a reality, Fonda enlisted the help of screenwriter Patricia Resnick and director Collin Higgins. Fonda then produced the film through her company IPC which she and her business partner Bruce Gilbert had formed after she decided she wanted to have control over her own work. The lead characters were written with Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton in mind. Dolly agreed to do the film under the stipulation that she could write the theme song and Fonda agreed. During her down time on set, Dolly wrote ‘9 to 5’ after being inspired by the way her acrylic nails mimicked the sound of a typewriter. The song went on to top both the country and pop charts, and eventually won Parton a Grammy for ‘Best Country Song’. Parton had become a successful crossover artist, even topping charts in the UK, which once again increased the size of her fan base and range of her…

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  • Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Analysis

    Ariana Grande is a twenty three year old television actress better known as a pop music singing sensation. Ms. Grande began singing and acting at a young age, which landed her a role in a Broadway play before she hit sixteen. In 2010, she landed her big break. Starring in the Nickelodeon series, Victorious, as Cat Valentine, she played as a “goofy aspiring singer.” ( Ariana Grande dropped her single “The Way” which went triple platinum in 2013. After her single, she went on to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With Gail Reagan

    rules my parents gave to me when I was a little girl. My mimi was telling me that it was mostly her brother that was the child that always gotten in trouble for trying to start a fight with one of the sisters, but by the way my mimi talks, she was a very good kid when she was younger barely gotten into trouble, and she always followed the rules. I feel like every kid has the same type of rules given by their parents. My mimi attended the same schools as I did and we both graduated from the high…

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  • In You Ve Got The Wrong Song: Nashville And Country Music Feminism

    July 4, 1776 marked a momentous occasion. On this day, a nation began that would eventually become the planet’s leading power. The United States braved the fires of the American Revolution and endured a bloody civil war, but Americans were far from cleared of civil issues. American women have endured a long history of having constitutional rights denied to them. Specifically, In You’ve Got the Wrong Song: Nashville and Country Music Feminism, writer Claire Miye Stanford delves into the issues…

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  • Case Study Of Demi Lovato

    For this assignment, I chose to diagnose Demi Lovato. Ms. Lovato is a singer, songwriter, and actress, who started her career as a young actress in Barney and Friends. Later she starred in the Disney Channel hit show Camp Rock where she released her debut single “This is me”. I didn’t start listening to her music until just a few years ago, and I have grown to love Demi’s music. The lyrics in a lot of her songs have deep meanings and sometimes ironic inferences. This is what led me to look…

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  • Analysis Of Before He Cheats By Carrie Underwood

    Having won the popular TV superstar singing competition, American Idol, country singer Carrie Underwood has cemented a place in the American music industry as one of the most empowering, feminine, as well as influential women with a multitude of chart-topping songs over the past decade (Paisley, 2014). “Before He Cheats,” is one of her most famous tracks, and promotes messages weaves emotions that resonate with many cheated-on individuals. As a result, “Before He Cheats” reached eighth place on…

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  • Case Study: The Deering Company

    The Deering Goodtime 4-String Tenor Banjo is a beautiful instrument made entirely of maple with nickel-plated accents. It has 17 frets, 4 strings, and geared tuners. The Deering company is one that's been a trusted brand for many banjo players both new and seasoned. Specifications 17 fret tenor Maple construction Lightweight Geared tuners Nickel plated First Impressions Deering Goodtime Company The Deering Company believes in providing banjos for every level of player. They don't think…

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  • Almost Home Craig Morgan Analysis

    “Almost Home” Some days, dreaming of the past is easier than living in the present. “Almost Home” is co-written and recorded by American country music singer Craig Morgan. This was the first top ten hit on the US country music charts for Morgan. He also received a Song of the Year award and earned a Songwriter’s Achievement Award from the Nashville Songwriters' Association International. “Almost Home” explores the struggles of homelessness, the complexities that life brings us, and the freedom…

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  • Mexican American Singer: Selena

    Selena Quintanilla Pérez was a Mexican-American singer who was very influential in spreading Tejano music. She was very popular in the 90’s. Selena’s career was very successful. Her father was afraid of discrimination, but it wasn't really a problem. Throughout her career, Selena was very successful. Selena won 67 awards total. She also had 86 nominations. In 1986 Selena won “Female Vocalist of the Year” at the Tejano Music Awards. Selena would go on to win this award seven more times.…

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  • Semiotic Analysis: Dolly Parton And Nicki Minaj

    Music is not only calming to the mind and soul but it has been around for a long time. People are constantly listening to music and often turn to it as a source of inspiration. This literature review will look at how the music industry has changed over the years by giving a semiotic analysis on the comparison of 2 well known music artists’; Dolly Parton and Nicki Minaj’s in terms of their song lyrics, how they were considered style icons of that era, their physical appearances. In this research…

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