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  • The Slaughter Of Dolphins: The Slaughter Of Dolphin

    Slaughter of Dolphins People think that dolphins are the friendliest creatures in the ocean and no one would hurt them or even kill them. Well they are actually being killed right now. The dolphin are being slaughter in a place called Taiji, Japan. Taiji is a small town with a big secret. If you didn’t look closely, you would think they love dolphins and whales (“The Cove”). The capture of dolphins and of the killing of dolphins all started when the show called “Flipper” came out in 1964. Ric O’Barry was the main trainer for training the dolphins. He became the most famous dolphin trainer in the world (“The Cove”). After the years of being a trainer, he saw how the animals were dying left and right. The original dolphin from “Flipper”…

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  • Orca Dolphins Essay

    290 times faster than skin on your arm (Throp)? You can learn about many more things by studying orca whales. These are only a few things about orcas that have been studied; the appearance of orcas, how they hunt, and their relationship with dolphins. Orcas detect things using clicking noises that they send out through their melon, and those sound waves bounce off objects and come back to the sender (Claybourne). There is the fact that orcas are one of the fastest whales in the sea, speeding up…

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  • Dolphins In The Cove

    The central theme of The Cove is of the injustice against dolphins, in the context of being held in captivity in marine theme parks all over the world, and also within the Town of Taiji, Japan where every year hundreds are captured or slaughtered. The backstory of the film comes from a man named Richard O'Barry, who was once the chief dolphin trainer for the seven dolphins used in the film Flipper. Once he noticed how depressed the captive dolphins he trained were after one “committed suicide”…

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  • The Cove Dolphins

    specific species targeted by the town. Taiji, Japan has aided in the killing of various species of dolphins through gruesome and inhumane practices, all while hiding in a little cove secluded from the world. Now, in the modern century, the people of Taiji have found a loophole around the 1986 law banning commercial…

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  • Common Bottlenose Dolphins

    Common Bottlenose Dolphin: Anatomy: Common Bottlenose Dolphins are marine animals that live their whole life in the water. Their blowhole is on top of their head. Their ears are close to their eyes. They have 2 fins; a set of fins called Pectoral Fins that helps them swim. The other one is a single fin on top of their head further away from the blowhole called the Dorsal Fin that helps them keep stable against the water currents. They have a small patch of skin on their stomach that is…

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  • Dolphins Vs Humans Essay

    differences between dolphins and humans is legs and tail fins, of course the color too. Well, duh! Who doesn’t already know about the differences? Despite how different us humans are from dolphins, we have an incredible amount of similarities. We may have some obvious differences, but we have more things in common than we realize. Yes, dolphins and humans clearly have a few major differences. The tail fin, dorsal fin, pectoral flippers, color, and the blowhole. It’s basically endless, because…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Maui's Dolphins

    They are round black dolphins that are so small that they can fit into a bathtub. Maui’s dolphin, a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin, also known as Popoto, is the rarest marine species known in existence and one of the smallest known dolphins. There are less than 50 Maui’s dolphins in the world today, and this number is still dropping, they are almost extinct. Humans are the biotic factor of the decrease in their population. Maui’s dolphins are carnivores, their preys are small fish and squids.…

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  • Marine Dolphin Research Paper

    Dolphins are one of the most interesting animals in the marine life. From the way they communicate with each other, to their friendly way around other animals or humans, these animals are pretty well known in the marine world. The name dolphin comes from the Greek word delphis which means “fish with a womb”. Dolphins belong to the taxonomic category “Odontoceti” which also means “toothed whale”. Dolphins match these characteristics of an “Odontoceti”, such as, they have teeth and a single…

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  • Whales And Dolphins In Danger

    and Dolphins in Danger In 2007, a film called “The Cove” was released revealing the savage hunt of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. In 2013, “Blackfish” was released, revealing the monstrosities of keeping killer whales captive at SeaWorld. Both films received award nominations and massive media attention for their call to action and revelation of the endangerments of marine mammals. However, there are so many more dangers to whales and dolphins than just dolphin slaughter, or circus shows at…

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  • Dolphin Hunting: A Cruel Practice

    of the world regarding the cruelty associated with the modern method of dolphin hunting called “drive hunting” introduced in 1969. According to the survey, more than 85% of ordinary Australians believe that dolphin hunting is a cruel practice. Dolphin hunting is still practiced in Japan in the town of Taiji with an intervention of high-technology equipment to drive the dolphins towards the coast. The only established and well-recognised international organisation responsible for the protection…

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