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  • Beached Whale: A Short Story

    “Do you know what a beached whale has in common with our society? It's simply a mere matter of perspective. Think of the beached whale as having no value. Having no family or pack, having no purpose but to just lie there and wait until its life drains out of its body.” “Okay…How does this concern me” She replied. “You are the beached whale. Hasn’t our little game made you look back at every single painful part of your life? Haven’t you realized you have nothing left to live for? Haven't you realized that your sadness has become the cause for your destructive and violent persona? “What?” She replied. “Adopted. Abused. Expelled for intentionally breaking a kid’s rib cage in school. Drug addict. Public nuisance. Sentenced to a juvenile detention…

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  • Summary Of The Beached Whale In Caleb's Crossing '

    Jia-yi (Jenny) Cen Ms. Lovelady AP Literature and Composition 30 July 2015 Caleb’s Crossing Socratic Seminar Questions The butchering of the beached whale in Caleb’s Crossing, a novel by Geraldine Brooks, hints a strong sentiment of ignorance and apathy towards the Native American’s beliefs. The Wampanoag believes that “a benevolent spirit threw [the whales] upon the shore for their particular use” (27). Whales, or any animal life in general, are treated with reverence and devoutness because the…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Animals In Captivity

    highlighted how killer whales are tracked down, captured and taken back to the parks. In the film, it also shows the public how the whales are left in small dark chambers for hours on end, alone with no interaction. Even when they are released from their sleeping chambers, the tanks are not a step up. Killer whales can swim thousands of miles a day, but in their stationary tanks at Seaworld, the whales only have the option of the constant repetition of swimming back and forth. Seaworld also…

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  • Blackfish Film Analysis

    Since Tilikum the killer whale killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010 at Sea World Orlando, there has been a great outcry over the topic of whether whales should be in captivity. So much so, a film in 2013 grossed $2,063,312 [1] by negatively depicting Orca whales in captivity. However, since 2010 there has been 197 [2] human deaths by ‘domesticated’ canines, but yet there is no emotional uproar or million dollar documentaries shaming domestication of man’s best friend. Why do we have particular…

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  • Essay On Orcas In The Wild

    and white bodies and large white spots near their eyes. But do not confuse them to be fuzzy and cute like pandas. Their common name, ‘killer whale’ is well earned. The name comes from their capability and history of killing other whales. Along with whales, orcas feast on a multitude of other large animals such as seals and sea lions. They are not opposed to eating seabirds or fish either. Being able to hunt animals like whales and seals by itself sounds like an impressive feat. But what is…

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  • Why We Care About Whales Analysis

    The power of emotion: compassion In Marina Keegan’s essay, Why We Care About Whales, Marina claims on how humans value the life of humans and the life of non-human animals. The essay starts with a social occurrence of emerging beached whales. A natural force that is created by the movement of both the moon and the Earth push whales to the beach. While giving a detailed, vivid explanation of how beached whales die, Marina maximizes the sadness and lamentation of whales’ deaths. Furthermore, she…

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  • Analysis: The Plight Of Captive Killer Whales

    The Plight of Captive Killer Whales Between 1966 and 1970, more than 200 orcas were captured from Puget Sound, Washington to fill marine parks like SeaWorld (“Historical”). Ted Griffin and Don Goldsberry invented a technique to catch them. Boats herded the animals into a bay where the men deployed a net to catch them (Blackfish; “Historical”). As the men were closing the nets, they used explosives to herd escaping killer whales back into the nets (Kirby 153). Ralph Munro, an assistant to Dan…

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  • Seaworld Case Study

    1.377 billion dollars off the brutalization of the animals that they use for show. SeaWorld’s continued abuse of not only orcas but all of the other captive animals has resulted in psychological damage to them and from that deaths and injuries to the trainers and personnel which could have been prevented. Tilikum is one of the most famous whales and the most dangerous in the SeaWorld fleet, at 12500 pounds and 22 feet long Tilikum is the largest orcas held in captivity. We can trace the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Killer Whales

    Killer whales, also known as orcas, are very large animals ranging from 16 to 26 feet and weighing as much as 8,000 pounds. These animals are absolutely breathtaking when seen in person. Blackfish, a documentary on killer whales associated with Sea World, another park in Canada, and one near Africa, tells the story of a few orcas, but mainly the orca Tilikum. This film was released in 2013 after Dawn Brancheau, the trainer for Tilikum, was dragged into the pool and killed. Gabriella…

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  • The Effects Of Incest On Whales

    Not only does SeaWorld separate the mothers from their calves, but they also force incest among the whales. Like our own species, incest is seen as taboo to whales. Hargrove explained that one female whale Katina was mated with her son Taku, creating the calf named Nalani. Katina refused to accept Nalani after her birth. Another instance of this was with a whale named Kohana who bred with her uncle Keto two different times. Kohana rejected both of those offspring (Hargrove). It is clear that…

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