Marine mammals

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  • Effects Of Whaling On Marine Mammals

    Marine Mammals Need Distance? Does mankind have a positive effect on marine mammals as a whole? As usual, the direct answer is non. Specifically, mankind continues to have a negative effect on marine mammals such as sea otters, and whales. Mankind's negative effect on marine mammals traces back to the time mankind learns to efficiently kill whales in the 1800's since mankind learns to effectively hunt whales; additionally, in the 1900's mankind begins to hunt sea otters in California. Thankfully, as Tom Garrison states, a science professor, "In 1994, the International Whaling Commission voted overwhelmingly to ban whaling in about 21 million square kilometers around Antarctica, thus protecting most of the large whales." (Oceanography: An Invitation…

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  • Why Do Polar Bears Face?

    The young little polar bear followed his mother towards the cool Ocean, delighting as he stepped into it. It was the first time that he had ever touched water. He splashed around, his instincts telling him exactly what to do, how to swim. This is the beginning of a polar bear's life, after a few weeks of nursing and nourishment. The mother will teach him how to get his meals (mostly seals), and all the other things necessary for survival. In this paper,several questions about the polar bear will…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Antarctic

    If you ask me if I only have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to go aboard, where I will choose to go? I will answer without any hesitation, "the Antarctic." Compare to others places, going to the Antarctic is a feeling of adventure or expedition because it is widely described as the last true wilderness on earth. The Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest but also the remotest, quietest, purest land on the planet so that I want to feel how cold and pure it is. And the most attracts me is that no…

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  • Whales And Dolphins In Danger

    Whales and Dolphins in Danger In 2007, a film called “The Cove” was released revealing the savage hunt of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. In 2013, “Blackfish” was released, revealing the monstrosities of keeping killer whales captive at SeaWorld. Both films received award nominations and massive media attention for their call to action and revelation of the endangerments of marine mammals. However, there are so many more dangers to whales and dolphins than just dolphin slaughter, or circus shows at…

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  • Seaworld's Orca Problem

    SeaWorld’s Orca Problem Every year, millions of people are drawn to marine parks to see captive animals, including everyone’s favorite, the killer whales, perform in shows for their entertainment. Not many people think about what goes on behind these said shows. What we don't think about is the torture, maltreatment and even forced insemination that goes on in these “wonderful” places. Captured from the wild In the open ocean, orcas are smart, cooperative creatures. They work together to find…

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  • Seaworld Essay

    SeaWorld is a family oriented, recreational theme park where individuals can pay around 80 dollars for one day admission to experience live orca shows, ride roller coasters, and visit animals in the aquarium exhibits. SeaWorld is an entertaining vacation option; especially for families. Although, many people who have visited SeaWorld do not know the behind the scenes care of the orcas in captivity. SeaWorld mistreats orcas, which in turn creates stress, and a shorter, unhealthy, and unhappy life…

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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Animals In Captivity

    Ringling Bros Circus has taken elephants out of their acts completely. Sea World is also another big corporation who has received obloquy about keeping giant water mammals captive and used as money magnets. In the latest documentary film Blackfish, it highlighted how killer whales are tracked down, captured and taken back to the parks. In the film, it also shows the public how the whales are left in small dark chambers for hours on end, alone with no interaction. Even when they are…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Animals In Captivity

    They cannot survive in those conditions, they are large mammals who need to be surrounded by their own kind. A solution to this can be ending the public displays of orcas, it is manageable and the economic impact would be meager. With the remaining forty two orcas they can be put in retirement in sea pens, or be in rehabilitation and someday return to the wild. These Orcas can have a chance to live longer, and trainers would no longer have to risk their lives training them. If oceanarias are…

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  • Modern Day Scandinavia Essay

    In modern-day Scandinavia, people use the marine environment as an important part of their life. From large oil rigs to small fishing villages, Scandinavians uilizedt the marine environment that surrounds them. I know this quite well, from experience. My paternal grandmother was raised on a small island and fishing village off the cost of northern Norway, called Sommarøy, near Tromsø. Her father was a fisherman and her mother was a Sami from Finnmark, which also lived off the sea. From her, I…

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  • Why We Care About Whales Analysis

    The power of emotion: compassion In Marina Keegan’s essay, Why We Care About Whales, Marina claims on how humans value the life of humans and the life of non-human animals. The essay starts with a social occurrence of emerging beached whales. A natural force that is created by the movement of both the moon and the Earth push whales to the beach. While giving a detailed, vivid explanation of how beached whales die, Marina maximizes the sadness and lamentation of whales’ deaths. Furthermore, she…

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