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  • Marine Pollution Essay

    Marine pollution “Plastic never goes away, and its increasingly finding its way into our oceans and onto our beaches”(“Ocean Plastics Pollution”). Marine pollution is a hazard to humans and wildlife when consumed. Marine pollution is detrimental to our planet and its many diverse ecosystems filled with delicate wildlife. The pollution of our oceans occurs daily and is often overlooked or forgotten about when it is a major environmental issue. Marine pollution causes many species of marine life to become endangered and extinct. Marine pollution is a deadly and destructive issue. The cause of marine pollution is when trash, typically plastics, enters the ocean resulting in problems to arise. “As far as plastic entering the ocean, about 20%…

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  • Being A Marine Essay

    There are a lot of task of being a marine, they fight for their country. Marines are the first on the line of combat. Marines are mentally and physically strong. Marines are always ready for combat in any type of situation there in. Marines have outstanding leadership. The job of marines are protecting their country by learning combat skills. Marines go to combat in any type of weather. Marines learn leaderships skills, the marines corps can take an person of extraordinary, strength, resolve,…

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  • Stress In The Marine Corps

    stress and emotions varies in every profession. One of the careers known for having a lot of stress and mixed emotions is being a part of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is part of the United State’s military branch, and are known for their discipline, strength, and willpower. I interviewed one of my brother’s closest friend, Miguel. He’s a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, who explained what emotions and stress a U.S. Marine deals with on a daily basis. The question is, how exactly does a…

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  • Marine Corps Description

    The Marine Corps has been involved in irregular warfare for the last 10 plus years of counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency in Iraq, Afghanistan, and several other countries as part of the Global War on Terror. The Marine Corps is still involved in irregular warfare on several fronts; albeit at a significantly lower level compared to the era of the Iraq and Afghanistan plus ups. Considering our more modern military campaigns and the current global situation, it is more likely that the U.S.…

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  • Causes Of Marine Pollution

    Marine Pollution: Causes There are many observable attributes in which we can classify the various types of marine pollution. Marine Pollution is a major setback and not only hampers the marine species but also is passed on to the land animals as well. Sea water covers around 2/3rd of the planet, which plays an important role in maintaining the essential biological and ecological balance. There has been increasing amount and the various kinds of waste products which originates from expanding…

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  • A Career As A Marine Mammalogist

    A Marine Mammalogist is an area that's studying nothing but mammals that includes every mammal that spends most of their time inside the water in order to survive with in their life span in that environment of bodies of water.This job is dealing with sea creatures it can be hard or also easy but the body size will probably be shocking from your first time .Sea creatures are animals that are very huge could be small but they live inside the ocean . For example,whales,dolphins,sea otters,polar…

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  • Reflection On Marines Enlistment

    Over the past thirteen years, many United States Marines have joined the Marine Corps with hopes of being deployed to a combat zone, and unfortunately, remain in the United States for the duration of their enlistment. I enlisted for the sole purpose and intent to deploy to Afghanistan, specifically, so I could partake in the efforts of bringing to justice the organization that attacked our country on September 11, 2001. I was fortunate enough to be one of the Marines that were scheduled to…

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  • Simon Sinek: The Marine Corps

    leaders and organizations how to inspire people (Simon Sinek INC n.d.). Mr. Sinek developed a concept called the Golden Circle, which is a concept that epitomizes why the Marine Corps is the most premiere fighting organization in the world. The Marine Corps started out with limited resources, a small amount of manpower, and a concise mission statement. According to the book First to Fight, “The initial mission of the Marine Corps was to provide security for the ships in which Marines were…

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  • Summary: A Career As A Marine Biologist

    A Marine Biologist studies the organisms in the oceans or marine waters. Not only do Marine Biologist deal with Marine life but others do too like, microbiologist, marine mammalogist and Fishery Biologist. For the most part, these Biologist have a long way before achieving their goal. They have many science, english and math requirements they deal with before. As far as education goes they first need to take the following courses, biology, zoology, chemistry, physics, biometrics, mathematics,…

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  • Discipline Of Marine Corps Essay

    As a Marine, the civilian world sees us as an immaculate figure to the United States. In a way giving us the respect and honor we so proudly earn. Inside the Marine Corps we learn to honor these values and morals we received since boot camp. It molds us to become disciplined and show this figure to others. If we loose focus as a Marine we sadly decline that and become to be a lesser than normal civilian. The discipline and the honor fades immediately. One example of this is disrespecting…

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