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  • Mark Antony Research Paper

    Fabio Payano Mr.Alston History 10-4 11-15-15 Mark Antony Mark Antony Roman politician and general.Mark Antony was an ally of Julius Caesar and the main rival of his successor Octavian. The passing of power between the three men led to Rome's transition from a republic to an empire. Antony's romantic and political alliance with Egyptian queen Cleopatra caused his downfall. Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) is best known as the Roman general who was a lover of Cleopatra. Mark Antony's first name can also be written as Marc. Antony lived from 83 BC to 30 BC. Mark Antony was born Marcus Antonius in Rome in 83 B.C. to a well-respected Roman family. Mark Antony's parents were Julia Antonia and Marcus Antonius Creticus. Marc Antony was born January…

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  • Comparing Brutus And Mark Antony

    After the death of Julius Caesar, both Brutus and Mark Antony spoke to the public. Mark Antony who wasn't part of Julius Caesar death want to describe of the significance of Caesar. However, Brutus is a conspirator who kill Caesar, fears the speech Mark Antony might give, tells the public that he kill Caesar for them(people). Both speeches leave the audience to decide whether to choose Antony side or Brutus. Both speeches explain Caesar death in a similar way and different and how they truly…

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  • Mark Antony: A True Hero

    Notwithstanding the greatness of his loyalty, Mark Antony displays many other indications of being a hero, an example of such being his favor in the eyes of the Roman people. The people of Rome chose to side with Antony over Brutus, when each character gave their funeral speeches after the death of Caesar. Brutus gave to the people his reasoning for killing Caesar, yet Antony only praised his deceased friend and never once tried to directly disprove the conspirator’s word. As Antony’s speech…

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  • Mark Antony Rhetorical Analysis

    Mark Antony's Secret Weapon “Friends Romans countrymen Lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” That was Mark Antony’s (a character and one of the main antagonist in William Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar) first statement in his speech that completely turned a weeping mourning crowd into an angry mob. This crowd had just heard that news that their beloved leader Julius Caesar had been put to death. Brutus (a main protagonist in the tragedy) had spoke before Mark…

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  • Mark Antony And The Assassination Of Caesar

    The dawn of the Roman empire was a great event in history. Gaius Julius Caesar was a man that made his mark on history time and time again. But Caesar is not alone in his fame, for Caesar lived in a time of great historical significance’s. A great many figures from history also inhabited this time period. Included among them was the great statesman Cicero, the first Roman emperor Augustus, Cleopatra VII queen of Egypt, and Caesar’s right hand man Marcus Antonius more commonly known as Mark…

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  • Mark Antony Speech In Julius Caesar

    the case of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Before Antony gives his famous eulogy of his dead friend and future leader of Rome, Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus gives his outlook on the situation first in front of a crowd of Romans. Brutus is also a close friend of Caesar but he believes that Caesar needed to die because he was ambitious and a possible future tyrant; Brutus wanted to save Rome from that possibility and he successfully brings the crowd to his side. He and others…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mark Antony And Brutus's Oration

    friend. What would you do? In Rome’s case, the death of Julius Caesar brought fear and chaos. Many Romans anxiously demanded reasons for Caesars death from two people, Brutus, who planned and carried out the assassination of Caesar and a close friend of Caesar, and Mark Antony, who was a high ranking official and also a close friend of Caesar. Both Brutus and Mark Antony had different views on the death of Julius Caesar and they hoped their orations would persuade the audience of Rome to agree…

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  • Comparing Brutus And Mark Antony In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    (3.2.16) Mark Antony proved to the crowd with logos- factual evidence- that killing Caesar just because he was ambitious was an awful case. Antony also gives times where Caesar has helped others like the poor. “ When the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept…” (3.2.19) Here, he uses another shift change to more of an emotional state (pathos) which lures the audience to Mark Antony’s side. “If any speak; for him I have offended. Who is so rude that would not be a Roman?” (3.2.20-21) Throughout…

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  • Mark Antony And Brutus In Shakespeare's The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar

    This saying is in Latin, a language that very few people actually do know, means “and you, Brutus?” or “you, too, Brutus?” In this essay I will be speaking on how I believe that Mark Antony had a better speech than Brutus, there are many reasons why, and I will go into greater detail in them, but for now, one of the main ideas on why it is a greater speech, which is the attention and response that he got from the crowd. One of the many reasons on why Antony had the greater speech compared to…

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  • Comparing Speeches Of Brutus And Mark Antony In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    But in the play the antagonist, Mark Antony, and the protagonist, Marcus Brutus, both make a speech after the death of Julius Caesar. Brutus spoke first and said great things about Caesar. Antony spoke and disagreed with what Brutus had to say and said that he was not a great ruler; but, a great man. During this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the speeches of Brutus and Mark Antony. The speeches of Mark Antony and Brutus are different and similar, but we will look at the…

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