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  • Characteristics Of Creon

    killed my son and my wife, I look for comfort, my comfort lies here dead whatever my hands touch has come to nothing (pg.789). Creon is a Tragic Hero for many reasons and you will soon figure them out. Creon made many different mistakes during Antigone and there are 3 different characteristics that Creon had done during Antigone. Creon was born into nobility, he was responsible for his own fate, then he realize that he made an irreversible mistake. I found that Creon made many different mistakes during Antigone and he believed that he was better than everybody else even before he was king even when his father Menokikeus was still alive. The new king Creon was born into nobility because his father…

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  • Role Of Creon In Antigone

    Greek tragedy. King Creon of Thebes dictated over his people, controlling what they did, what they could think about, what they could pray about. Creon is the tragic hero of the play Antigone, showing that having the audience affected by fear, he is endowed with a his own flaw of ignorant pride, and he is responsible for his own fate. As the tragic hero of the play Antigone, Creon shows he isn 't fit to rule, he is extremely stubborn and has only one mindset that he alone is almighty Creon…

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  • Creon: A Tragic Hero

    “Well, in this case if she gets her way and goes unpunished, then she’s the man here, not me.” (lines 548-550) Antigone makes Creon feel weak and uncomfortable. Her actions and words makes him feel less of a man. If she win over the law it shall make it look like the city of Thebes is being ruled by a woman. Antigone and Creon contrast to the point of them having conflicting motivations. These conflict motivations cause the characteristics of anger, pride, and intimidation to be highlighted…

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  • Creon Character Analysis

    Creon Against Blood A Tragic Family a greek drama by Sophocles. Creon is now king and what comes with being king is his attitude towards family and Guards. Creon proves to be childish, stubborn and insulting to his guards, his son, and niece. By defining his decree Antigone, his niece, goes and buries her brother while Haemon, his son, tries to save her with reason. Creon believes what he is doing is correct for Antigone's actions. When Haemon finds out that his father is sentencing his bride to…

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  • King Creon Analysis

    In King Creon’s perspective, a good leader stands by the decisions he has made no matter the consequences. In an argument between Creon and Haemon, Creon first asks if he should show himself weak to the people. Yet, he continues to say, “Or to break my own sword? No, and I will not.” (Scene 3 l. 27 Emphasis Added) Just recently, Creon claimed that whoever broke his law was to face death as punishment. That includes any people close to him as well as family members because he doesn’t want to…

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  • Theme Of Creon In Antigone

    Greek playwright Sophocles wrote the tragedy of Antigone. This play is tragic because Creon creates a lot of death that would have been preventable if it were not for his hubris. Throughout the play, the conversation that takes place between Creon and his son Haemon reveals this pride, emphasizing the tragedy of the deaths. Starting on page 138 of the novel, Haemon and Creon have a conversation that reveals the various forms Creon’s pride takes. During the beginning of the conversation, they…

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  • Antigone Creon Analysis

    In the play Antigone by Sophocles the protagonist, Creon, discovers that Antigone is going against his word and attempts to follow the Laws of the Gods. Told in third person point-of-view, the author supports his theme by describing the setting of a strict ruling city, establishing the central conflict of Antigone disobeying the Laws of Man. This affects the work as a whole because the author’s purpose is to portray Creon as a tragic hero in order to advise the audience the transformation Creon…

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  • Antigone Vs Creon

    with the plan, but she wouldn’t tell anyone about Antigone’s doings. There is a new king, Creon is approached by leaders and they expressed that Creon was old and that a younger man should rule. The Sentry explain to King Creon that they have discovered a body that was being buried but was abandoned. The leader explains to Creon that is the work of the Gods, Creon becomes furious because he believes there is no way that the Gods did this. Antigone is caught and brought to Creon and explains how…

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  • Creon In Sophocles Antigone

    king Creon made a declaration that no one is to touch the dead body of the traitor Polycienes or there would be a huge amount of punishment. Antigone both the niece of Creon and the sister of Polycienes, buried her brother’s dead body. While in a conversation between Creon and his son Hameon, Creon still unsure what to do about Antigone. “I’ll suppose [Antigone will] please ‘family ties’...If I permit my own family to rebel,” Creon advocates, “How shall I earn the world’s obedience?”( Sophocles…

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  • Comparison Of Creon In Oedipus

    In the novel Oedipus Creon cares for his family more than anything this is shown when travels to Thebes to help not only the people of Thebes but his family get rid of the plague “I sent Menoeceus’ son Creon, Jocasta’s brother, to Apollo, to his pythian temple”(70) creon drops everything and travels to assist them in the problem that has arised some might suggest hat this could have been a test by both Oedipus and the Gods. Creon was never pressured to take action or help the people he could…

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