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  • The Importance Of Social Norms In Public Places

    personal territories, and they are sensitive when their personal territories have been violated. Moreover, people’s reactions toward these violations are different; they may withdraw, defend, insulate, or experience linguistic collusion. People also extend their personal territory when they feel threatened or stressed. This defense helps them feel safe. Interpersonal distance is linked to personal territory. In a relatively limited space, the larger distance you have with others, the larger territory you will create. The most common way of establishing personal territory in public settings is by using markers to show one’s occupation. Yet, the marker should not be ambiguous. The observation in the library supports the findings of a prior experiment that took place in a library many years ago. However, years later, people’s reactions have stayed the same when they find that their markers have been removed and their spots have been taken by another person. The observation in the concert uncovers a new finding with the relationship between people’s moods and their reactions toward a violation. However, the last observation of the kids in the children’s playroom is opposite of what researchers have reported. Kids actually have awareness of their personal territory, and it is not as weak as we may think. I used different methods to record and experience these observations. Sometimes I was a bystander, quietly observing everything and sometimes I was a participator in the…

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  • Historical Marker

    A historical marker is an indicator such as a sign or plaque used to commemorate a person or event of historical interest. A historical marker is also used to associate a point of interest with a particular locale people can visit. I am going to identify and discuss five historical sites that are located in Nashville, Tennessee. Devon Farm Devon Farm was a home of John Davis, who was an early surveyor he arrived in Nashville, Tennessee in 1788. Davis was a brave Indian fighter and scout who…

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  • Marker Moment In My Life

    Marker moments occur when our lives are directed onto a new path. These moments can take place without us consciously knowing that it is happening. Sometimes, it is only in retrospect when we realize an event or a decision we made is truly a marker moment in our life. In this paper, I will state five of my maker moments. Additionally, I will explain what changes to the future I envision as a result of these experiences. Finally I will describe how these events reflect my leadership style. …

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  • Reflection Of Fillers In Language And Other Linguistic Study Based Literature

    Introduction The goal of this paper is to pinpoint a small feature that make a tiny bit of my own idiolect by comparing the feature to other Linguistic study based literature. The topic I have chosen is based on fillers, which includes filler words, filler sounds, or discourse-new markers. Fillers are commonly used by speakers in conversations to notify the listener that the speaker has pause to think before speaking again. Some examples of fillers in English includes sounds like Uh or Um, or…

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  • Sharpie Permanent Marker Research Paper

    The sharpie permanent marker a tool used to write things were they could stay permanently or not be addressed.But what people don't know is what they contain.Sharpies contain” Dyes, Propyl alcohol,Butyl alcohol and Diacetone alcohol”.(wikipedia).Propyl alcohol also known as 1-Propanol,(Wikipedia) is i on of the ingredients in a sharpie.Did you know that 1-Propanol “is formed naturally in small amounts during many fermentation processes and used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry…

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  • Nail Polish Remover Research Paper

    Sharpie permanent markers contain n-propanol (C3H8O) n-butanol (C4H10O), and Diacetone alcohol (C6H12O2). These markers are generally used on hard, non-porous surfaces, because instead of damaging the surface they form a surface layer that can be removed easily by solvents such as acetone (C3H6O), xylene (C8H10), or toluene (C7H8). Acetone (strong chemical used in nail polish remover) is a strong and very effective against permanent markers. It can also remove paint and melt certain surfaces.…

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  • Difference Between Skittles And Chromatography

    Methods We began this experiment by laying out the needed materials to find the chromatography of Skittles Sweets and Sours and Crayola markers. Using a ruler and a pencil, a line was drawn on all thirty chromatography strips 1.5 centimeters from the bottom of the paper. This was to ensure that the starting point for each chromatography process was consistent. The chromatography of the skittles was found first. We began by pouring water into a cup. A pipette was used to transfer fifteen…

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  • Language Gender Observation

    Markers that appeared where the hedges, super polite forms, tag questions, speaking in italics, empty adjectives and question intonation in declarative contexts (Blum 402). Such markers came up with observation one, the group talked about various topics one being about what they do when they are in the valley, the females used different markers such as; “like” “totally” “very” “super” and “cute” continuously while they talked. The context in which each marker was used is as follows; the hedge…

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  • Garcinia L. Case Study

    Parthasarathy et al. (2013) made an attempt on morphological, biochemical and molecular diversity of Garcinia. Identification of germplasm can be made easy by distinguishing morphological characteristics of plant and biochemical content analysis (Gallego and Martinez, 1996). Beside that germplasm identification can be made by molecular marker also. The identification and grouping of the accessions become difficult when they are collected from their natural habitat and in the absence of a clear…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Friend Ever

    him and he started to pull markers out of his shirt that he had tucked in…

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