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  • Reflection Of Fillers In Language And Other Linguistic Study Based Literature

    Introduction The goal of this paper is to pinpoint a small feature that make a tiny bit of my own idiolect by comparing the feature to other Linguistic study based literature. The topic I have chosen is based on fillers, which includes filler words, filler sounds, or discourse-new markers. Fillers are commonly used by speakers in conversations to notify the listener that the speaker has pause to think before speaking again. Some examples of fillers in English includes sounds like Uh or Um, or words such as Like, but, and so. I have found that my use of fillers in my idiolect is a reflection of how my young adult female speech varies when I’m interacting people with different a gender and/or age. To accomplish my thoughts into this paper I…

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  • The Importance Of Social Norms In Public Places

    personal territories, and they are sensitive when their personal territories have been violated. Moreover, people’s reactions toward these violations are different; they may withdraw, defend, insulate, or experience linguistic collusion. People also extend their personal territory when they feel threatened or stressed. This defense helps them feel safe. Interpersonal distance is linked to personal territory. In a relatively limited space, the larger distance you have with others, the larger…

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  • Interpersonal Theory Of Attitudinal Language

    through evaluating language within the context of the interpersonal functions of meaning with the specific purpose of analyzing the features of attitudinal language. Wei, Wherrity & Zhang (2015) reviewed research that employed appraisal theory to explain this theoretical framework and offer a re-theorization and refinement to it as a whole, to explain one or more of its subsystems as a means of providing suggestions as to how they can better function in different contextual, situational, and…

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  • Hedda Gabler Dominance And Resistance Essay

    Dominance and Resistance in The Burial at Thebes and Hedda Gabler James C. Scott’s ‘Domination and the Arts of Resistance’ explores the discourse of domination and resistance, including the tension between the publicly exhibited dominant discourse, termed a “public transcript,” and the four types of political discourse prevalent among subordinate groups. The four types of discourse are self-image based discourse, the hidden transcript, in-between discourse, and ruptured discourse. For the…

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  • Analysis Of Amusing Ourselves To Death By Neil Postman

    compared the public discourse between before and after telegraph invention, he suggested the telegraph altered the very nature of social and personal discourse in American culture."The telegraph made a three-pronged attack on typography 's definition of discourse, introducing on a large scale irrelevance, impotence, and in coherence.”Said in The Peek-a-Boo World chapter. The author believed modern technology from telegraph to television, makes discourse broken, disconnected, and sensationalized.…

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  • Literature As An Artifact Of Culture Analysis

    and influences in selecting our choice and use of specific words and not otherwise. Critical discourse analysis defines and determines the socio-political status of utterances in a given context. Van Dijk defines CDA as an approach which seeks to investigate that; Primarily studies the way social power abuse, dominance and inequality are enacted reproduced and resisted by text and talk in the social and political context. With such dissident research, critical discourse analysts take explicit…

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  • Amusing Ourselves To Death Summary

    Amusing Ourselves to Death, explains how television creates communication by redefining public discourse. Public discourse is the forms of conversation dealing with political, religious, or commercial. Throughout the book, Neil Postman explains how society has become unknowledgeable about the changes because of being too consumed in its epistemology. Postman starts the book by showing historical facts in the first part of the book and describes the effects of media in American life throughout…

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  • Prostitution In The 1960's

    groups particularly influential in Scotland which lacked the Acts, and in the nation’s self-perception of morality [Scotland had its own] technologies of power, technologies not unlike the CD Acts themselves, were already in place in Scotland.” “Some, like the lock hospitals and magdalene asylums, existed long before the CD Acts were passed. Others, like the system of police repression which I call the ‘Glasgow system’, were developed as a reaction to the Acts.” Glasgow system not restricted…

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  • Citizenship Language And Diversity Analysis

    disruptions have allowed for new forms of communication to emerge, resulting in the challenged notion of citizenship. (Bommmaert,2013, pg. 194) Kathleen Heugh’s article on Mobility, migration and sustainability: re-figuring languages in diversity, states that mobility has changed over history as our technology has expanded. Allowing for a higher migration rate in the contemporary world. (Heugh, 2013, pg. 1) Which further changes people’s identity and linguistic citizenship. (Stroud, 2011) These…

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  • Declaration Of Independence Reflection

    After nearly a semester of writing 101 at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, my writing has evolved throughout a serious of projects contained in this portfolio. These projects have improved my understanding of rhetorical situations and the elements of essays and nonfiction through active and critical reading. They have also required me to show attention to audience, purpose, genre, diction, tone, organization, and other aspects of the rhetorical context. In this reflection, I have included…

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