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  • My Father Is Abusing The Father

    PER REPORTER: The father is abusing the mother. Reporter believe it's physical and emotional abuse. The father hit mom in the eye on Sunday. She has a black eye. Mom works at Wal-Mart. She texted her supervisor (Amy) and asked for a week off from work due to having a black eye. They were concerned. Reporter and mom both work at Wal-Mart. Reporter and her daughter saw mom's eye. Mom said it was her fault. The father was drinking on Sunday and yesterday as well. Reporter stated the father abuses the mother around the child and in started in the home on Sunday. The child has not been harmed or hurt. The are concerns about the child's well-being. The child was born premature. His immune system isn't strong like a normal 8 month old child. He looks…

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  • Personal Essay: The Father Of My Father

    A heavyset man who would go clobbering around in his boots and overalls, basically glaring at anyone who came around him, is what some people remember of my father. All his friends and family remember him as a man with too many jokes to tell. My father was very intimidating to people at first glance with his bulky 6’4’’ frame. His salt and pepper hair contrasted greatly from his dark olive complexion. Behind his think glasses hid a stern face, but soft, tired brown eyes. Even though he was…

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  • Father Involvement

    Cognitive Development Children who have their fathers in their life have a higher probability to live in a good neighborhood and home. In “The Effects of Father Involvement” by Sarah Allen and Kaly Daly, cognitive development is defined as “a field of study in neuroscience and psychology, focusing on a children’s development in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning, and other aspects of brain development and cognitive psychology compared to an…

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  • Father Engagement

    PURPOSE: The purpose of the article is to describe and explain the importance the father and mother have on their children’s cognitive development through play in a longitudinal study. INTRODUCTION: The importance of the father involvement in their child’s life and the father’s income influences the child’s life drastically through academic achievement, peer relations, cognitive development, and behavioral or emotional regulation. The authors asked if mother and father engagement relates to…

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  • Father In The Chosen

    world we have many kinds of fathers. What is a father? A father is a tool for reproduction. Reproduction happens all the time in the world. Plants reproduce, animals reproduce even humans reproduce. Seemingly unrelated, these examples share one similarity, the reproduction of nature. Each kind bears offspring of its own kind, that entails offspring of their own nature (e.g. lions produce lions, humans produce human babies and trees produces saplings). Commonly used in the New Testament, trees…

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  • To Be A Father Analysis

    Most people have had a father or father figure at some point in their lives (I would spice this first sentence up so it is an attention grabber to begin your paper). Although not everyone knows what it is like to actually be a father, almost everyone has a common notion what being one looks like in our culture. Fathers are always under pressure from themselves and society to balance their job and quality time with their family. It is (I notice how you use the passive voice a lot. You can fix…

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  • Father Infliction

    The U.S. Census Bureau’s statistic reveals that one out of every three children in America live without their dad in the home. Since 1991, the number of children with a father in prison has grown by 79%. With 92 percent of the jail inmates being fathers, the father absence crisis in America is real. The “adverse childhood experience” (ACE) a child faces for having a parent in jail is different from other ACEs. The experience inflicts a lot of stigma, trauma, and shame on the children. They are…

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  • A Fatherless Father

    What does one say to the only child in her family that does not have her biological father in her life? Everywhere she looks, she sees others with their dads. Her grandfather was in her mother’s life. Her siblings have their fathers. Her cousins and friends have their fathers. So, who does she turn to? The first response she would always hear is, “God is your father, you do not need an earthly one.” That sounds beautiful; however, it is irrelevant when she’s crying in the middle of the night,…

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  • Atticus Father

    Atticus may have a few issues, but he still has many wonderful qualities as a father. All parents make mistakes, but Atticus still teaches many valuable lessons and is a superb father. Atticus shows many reasons why he is a admirable parent to Scout and Jem. Atticus isn’t always around to help the kids, but when he is, the kids enjoy it. He helps Scout gain more knowledge then she learns in school. Atticus is a excellent role model to his kids. Jem has always been inspired by him since their…

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  • Roll Of Father

    The role of the father in a child’s life is an important one. The role of the father has a major impact on children. Some impacts are negative and some are positive. However, whether negative or positive that impact can affect the child’s emotional and mental health for their entire life. Writing about my father is not an easy topic for me, because his role in my life was mostly negative. My father’s role in my life was confusing for me as a child. From birth till the age of 5, I was very…

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