Personal Essay: The Father Of My Father

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A heavyset man who would go clobbering around in his boots and overalls, basically glaring at anyone who came around him, is what some people remember of my father. All his friends and family remember him as a man with too many jokes to tell. My father was very intimidating to people at first glance with his bulky 6’4’’ frame. His salt and pepper hair contrasted greatly from his dark olive complexion. Behind his think glasses hid a stern face, but soft, tired brown eyes. Even though he was constantly working he had an even greater family value. As a child, I had already seen my father as a man who had worked his life away for his family to make sure we had what we needed. When he was home his stress reliever was spending time at home playing video games with my brother and me, while my mother watched. He also enjoyed spending an entire day in the kitchen making a feast for us. Being his “little miracle” meant that I had to be his helper. A day of spending time in the kitchen with my dad cooking gumbo, potato salad, and making bread was my favorite way to spend time with him. Sunday, at the crack of dawn, my father would wake up and make a pot of coffee. The bitter, pungent odor would waft into my room waking me for the day. By the time I had made it to the living room my father would have a small …show more content…
Dad did not want me to get hurt around the grease. I would lay down with mom and my brother while we watched some show, probably C.S.I or Iron Chef. Dad would bring us a piece of fry bread with syrup and a plain one for my brother. There would be maybe two more batches, some would be eaten tonight the others tomorrow for breakfast before school. I would always go to sleep on my dad early because I was tired from the day. He would carry me to my room and tuck me in. The next day he would be gone to work again and I would not see him for almost another week. The cycle would repeat itself almost every

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