Personal Narrative: How Daddy Changed My Life

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I would never be the same person, never. I met someone, I hadn't met him in years and I never knew he could make a difference in my life. This man changed the way I thought, acted and dressed. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, otherwise known as my grandfather, or as we call him, Daddy. Everyone wonders why we call him Daddy, but I don't have an accurate answer. We grew up calling him that, and I guess it's because we all are very close to him and think of him as another father figure. Daddy looks like a serious, strict man, but once you get to know him, he is a sweet and generous man, he wasn't like anyone I met before. He is a brave man, he tries to make many changes in his community and even though some people insulted him, he did the right thing …show more content…
I started to dress and act differently, I was wearing clothes that covered me and I started to wear a headscarf . To be candid, I felt really weird as if I didn't fit in anymore, but I started to get used to it because my sister and I started to dress appropriately. One evening we had gone to the mall and this group of teens were pointing and laughing at us. I was ready to fight them, but Daddy said to ignore them. I was so apoplectic, but I had obeyed him and done what he had said. When we got home, he said that he was proud of me and the way I acted out there shocked him.

After this day, I always try to be just like he was. He had changed my life and many others. He is a high classed man in his community, everyone respects him and sometimes I see him in the news for making differences. I could never forget the day he changed me. Some people say change isn't good, but since this change was a challenge, I accepted it. Turns out I liked it and this change made me feel like a better person in this world. I always look back and thank God that my grandfather changed my life, I don't know where I would be if he hadn't come for those 3 months and made a difference in my

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