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  • Intrusive Thoughts

    of Intrusive Thoughts associated with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder There are a number of people all around that world that report having intrusive thoughts. (Levine & Warman, 2016) Intrusive thoughts are obsessive thoughts or images that cause an individual distress. (Wilson, 2012) These people are average in the sense that they do not have a disorder that can be characterized by the DSM-5. The most common intrusive thoughts or images are associated with aggression and violence, abnormal sexual fantasies or incest, or blasphemy. (Levine & Warman, 2016; Belloch, Morillo, & García-Soriano, 2007) Other types of intrusive thoughts stem from the thought that doing something can prevent something…

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  • What Are Thoughts Powerful?

    Thoughts are powerful. Just think, all thoughts create things. If thoughts are so powerful they create things, imagine what we can do if we use our thoughts in the right way. For example, what if Benjamin Franklin hadn’t acted upon his thought of attaching a key to a silk ribbon in a thunderstorm? That great thought led to the invention of electricity. Or, what if Alexander Graham Bell didn’t act on the thought of experimenting with primitive sound transmitters and receivers that led to the…

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  • Thought Awareness Definition

    live our lives. Our thoughts cause our feelings and emotions, and then those feelings and emotions cause us to act and react in certain ways, which in turn creates the results and circumstances in our lives. Mind Awareness means becoming aware of the thoughts and the mostly hidden beliefs and programs that underlie our thinking process. It also means becoming aware of our speech and the way we talk to ourselves. Unfortunately, learning how our thinking process impacts every decision we make and…

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  • Louis Sullivan Thought Summary

    Thought Louis H. Sullivan is the author of the article “Thought,” he notes that he wants people to think without the use of words. Sullivan conveys that words and the spoken language are a brief moment of thought that is declared out for the world to hear, but to be neglected. In his article, Sullivan encourages people to instead of using words, to try and use our imagination and creativity as a form of thinking in the mind. The use of imagination and creativity is a unique technique, and this…

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  • Castellon V. Thought Papers

    Castellon, V. Thought Paper #2 Heroin is an opioid pain killer. It is made from morphine, a substance that is found in the seedpod of a poppy plant. Heroin can be mixed with water and injected with a needle, smoked, or snorted up the nose. All of these ways of taking heroin send it to the brain very quickly. This is what makes it very addictive. This drug has caused many overdoses but according to U.S. city mayor we have found the solution. I believe that opening a heroin clinic would be a…

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  • Thought Govern Self Analysis

    Thought Govern Self Our thought can become a self-fulfilling prophecy for ourselves. It had transcended time and space, where the fabric of reality alters as your thought changes. The notion of achievement is founded upon your thought and bounded by your thought. Somewhere in your lifetime you are lost in an abyss of the oceans drifting to find reality. Many people try to grasp what other people 's have, other people 's reality; happiness, love, wealth, and character. the majority of those…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Thoughts In The Mind

    private thoughts however is it possible that those thoughts in the mind can be mistaken? Many philosophers have supported the claim that each person is the only one who fully understands what is going on inside their own minds however, there are ways in which this can be counter argued. In specific situations, the mind and those thoughts that roam inside can be mistaken and even deceiving to the individual who is directly perceiving them therefore yes, the mind can be mistaken. This paper will…

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  • The Memory Keeper's Daughter Thoughts

    Throughout The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the characters’ thoughts are revealed in different ways. I like the way that the author includes the character thinking to himself to reveal his/her thoughts. The author does include conversations, between the characters, but when their personal thoughts are included, it allows me to understand the character in more depth. For example, Caroline says in her head, “What will become of her?” (Edwards, 95). Caroline would never actually say this in a…

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  • Creative Writing: Interrupting Her Thoughts

    Interrupting her thoughts, Danny asks her, “How is Jesse doing?” Her mind had wandered elsewhere and made a quizzical face almost completely forgetting about Jesse. She unconfidently answered, “Um… He’s doing well, I believe.” Danny notices her struggling and changes the subject, “How about we get started because our first debate is coming up soon.” After their meeting she decides to go see the last few minutes of Jesse’s practice because she does feel bad for missing it. When she arrived he was…

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  • Analysis Of Thought By Louis H. Sullivan

    In his essay “Thought,” Louis H. Sullivan greatly stresses the importance of thinking critically and creatively, and presents the argument that one must think not in words but rather in images, rhythm, and other wordless forms of communication. Sullivan resorts heavily on comparisons and analogies and metaphors to convey the impractical usage of words. “But in passing I may say that real thinking is better done without words than with them, and creative thinking must be done without words,”…

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