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  • Measuring Emotions

    emotional. I disagree the way the sciences and the humanities view emotion. The sciences are viewing the perspective of the scientific and empirical methods to find the objective truth and the humanities are a branch that studies aspects of human culture, the heritage and the question of what makes us human. To measure emotions depends on how one defines emotion, such as love. One can say they love their significant other but how do you measure love? Lets say I gave you twenty dollars, your other best friend gave you five hundred dollars, who loves you more, twenty dollars was all I had but your other best friend had one-hundred thousand dollars, so again, who loves…

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  • Theories Of Emotions

    Emotion is a complex, subjective experience accompanied by biological and behavioral changes. Emotion involves feeling, thinking and activation of the nervous system, physiological change and behavioral changes such as facial expressions. It will have a direct effect on personality and attitude. As a part of my job I had an opportunity to travel and meet different kinds of people of all ages. I had to go to the interior villages of Andhra Pradesh when I was working for Mobile Dental Hospital.…

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  • Reflection On Emotions

    Reflecting on my emotions for the past week, I can say I haven’t really improved. I still feel the same sadness, the same lack of motivation and an even higher level of stress than I was experiencing last week, due to midterms. It seems like everything is just pilling up, I feel like my days are no longer purposeful, I take forever reading and finishing my homework, and since I take long I get discouraged and start questioning myself, by asking “Am I smart enough to be here or “why am I even…

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  • Emotion In Anthropology

    Emotion is one of the most difficult aspects of the human condition to explain in its totality, yet its existence is thought to be one of the most fundamental parts of being human. The study of emotion has taken many forms, shifting the focus from facial expression, to language, to cultural history and beyond, varying not from discipline to discipline, but also from person to person. Strictly speaking, though the vague idea of emotion as a conscious experience of feelings resulting from…

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  • Conveying Emotions

    Emotions are present in everyone’s daily life, as they change to accommodate each new situation we experience. How you feel can affect your personal motivation, actions, and attitudes towards peers. Expressing emotion can be an easy task for some and it maybe uncomfortable for others. According to a study by Gross (2014), emotions occur when a situation is deemed important to an individual and they have assessed it to some extent. The emotion is the reaction to the situation they are in. The…

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  • Essentiality Of Emotions

    Essentiality of Feelings in Relation to Emotions For most people, the words “feeling” and “emotion” have virtually no difference, but ask someone who specializes in philosophy, and more specifically, who specializes in the study of human emotion, and you’ll get a variety of answers, ranging from the stance that the body’s reactions are what causes emotions to the stance that emotions are simply impulses. Having thoroughly studied several different emotional theories, I believe that, first and…

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  • Emotions In The Workplace

    Emotions are by definition feelings in response or expectation to an object or event (Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis, 2008). In the workplace, as in all aspects, emotions may serve to motivate, organize, direct and activate behaviours, but also may be disruptive to the other appropriate work-related and social behaviours (Payne and Cooper, 2004). Organizational communication is highly relevant to develop and maintain a successful structure within. There are often a lot of people working in an…

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  • Power Of Emotions

    understanding of emotion. The question is not our understanding, but rather why we feel. Most humans react to a situation with some form of emotion, weather the reaction is sad, angry, or indifferent. Some individuals might react differently to a situation and respond with joy, happiness, or elation. This complex series of reactions are part of human nature; the ability to show emotion on such a vast scale is something truly remarkable. Emotion is something that all humans possess, however…

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  • The Importance Of Emotions

    Emotions are a special kind of mental processes or human states that manifest themselves in the experience of any significant situations (joy, fear, pleasure), phenomena and events during life. Emotions act as the main regulators of mental life and in the process of almost any human activity. Emotions arose in the process of evolution: with their help, animals can evaluate the biological significance of the phenomena of the surrounding world and the internal state of the organism. There are…

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  • Emotion In Animals

    In order to show emotion surely you must feel and have emotions, must you not? For instance, if you were to show empathy towards another human it would be declared that you can feel emotion as a consequence of having emotions, would it not? So why is this not that the case regarding animals’ emotions? As Flintoff states, animals show empathy, joy, fear, grief; the list is endless ‘they have a very rich ensemble of emotions’; why is this ignored by many? Out of convenience? Or perhaps because…

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