Nervous system

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  • The Nervous System: The Nervous System

    The Nervous System The nervous system is one of the most important systems in the human body because it sends out messages from the brain into the body parts and coordinates the body activities. This allows the body to have and be in control. The two major systems in the nervous system are the peripheral system and the central system. The autonomic nervous system is the last nervous system which controls internal body functions such as temperature regulation, blood pressure, and all other functions dealing with blood, digestive system, and excretory system. The central and the peripheral both have different functioning parts and they also control the different processes throughout the body. The central system is connected from the brain to…

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  • The Nervous System

    job of the nervous system is to receive data through sense organs, translates messages, process and respond to both internal and external stimuli (Saladin, 2012 p440). Nervous system uses chemical and electrical signal to communicate from neurons to another at high speed. More than 100 billion neurons found in the brain. Basic part of what make neurons are consist of dendrites which receives send messages, cell soma which is the cell body that process and translate code messages, and the axon…

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  • The Parasympathetic Nervous System

    The autonomic nervous system is apart of the nervous system that receives instructions from the brain. It has two parts which are the sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system controls the bodes response to a perceived threat and is responsible for the fight, flight or freeze response. Where as the parasympathetic nervous system function is to control the homeostasis and the bodies rest and digest response. The sympathetic nervous system has a thoraco-lumbar outflow from…

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  • Nervous System Analysis

    Reaction time is the period that it takes for the body to respond to an action (“Stimulus”) that is often causing a disruption in homeostasis or being a change in the environment (Bradshaw). The system responsible for its function is the nervous system. The nervous system is the answer in how we communicate, move, feel, sense and control ourselves. There are two main parts in the nervous system that are significant because humans depend so much on them. The two parts are the Central nervous…

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  • Complications Of The Nervous System

    end the call and place the phone back onto my desk. The body system that enables me to successfully complete this phone call is the nervous system (Gade, 2015a). The nervous system is the association among the billions of neurons in the brain, in the spinal cord, and throughout the body. A neuron is a cell that is specialized to receive and transmit information. The brain and spinal cord…

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  • The Central Nervous System

    The human body is extremely complex and made up of various systems and organs that must work together. When one part does not function the way it is suppose to, it can slow down the functions of the other parts, which can be detrimental . A quote by Doris Lessing states that when one’s body malfunctions or contains chemical imbalances, “It makes you aware of the knife-edge we live on”. In order for the human body to function correctly, the central nervous system, endocrine, and peripheral…

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  • Essay On Nervous System

    (The nervous system Louisa Idzal) The nervous system is all connected because it’s a web of nerve cells and fibers that all send nerve impulses throughout and between body parts. The nervous system is really important because it’s in charge of sending messages to the spinal cord and brain to and from all parts of the body. Main organs of the nervous system are Nervous Tissue, Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves, Sense Organs, and the Cerebrospinal Fluid. The nervous tissue is the main tissue of the…

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  • The Synthetic Nervous System

    I believe the first thing your body will do is hear the phone ring, which is a disruption in activity. So, the sympathetic nervous system will kick into alert. The pupil will dilate to allow the person to see more, the heart rate will increase so the blood will be supplied to areas that needs the glucose and use it for energy in case any muscles need to be contracted for moving. Then the person look at the phone after hearing a sound, the cones and rods in the retina will send a signal to the…

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  • The Peripheral Nervous System

    The system is what makes up our body, it's the foremost sophisticated of the various systems within the body, and it's conjointly a network of nerve cells and fibres that transmits nerve impulses between components of the body. This essay will explore the structure and functions of the system similarly as well as looking in depth at the neurons and how they communicate The system is split into two components, the central nervous system- which incorporates the brain and also the spinal cord. The…

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  • Peripheral Nervous System

    THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 1. What are the central and peripheral nervous systems? What structures are part of each? The central nervous system is made up of two parts, the brain, and the spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system is made up of two parts as well, the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. 2. What are Neurons? Describe the key parts of Neurons, including: Dendrites, Myelin, Axons, and Synapse. To keep it simple, a neuron is a nerve cell. Most neurons are very…

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