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  • The Netherlands

    Introduction The Netherlands is located in Western Europe between the countries of Belgium and Germany. The nation is approximately twice the size of the state of New Jersey in land. The country also has many natural resources such as natural gas, petroleum, peat, limestone, salt, sand, and gravel which play a key role in the economy. Some of the main economic industries of the Netherlands include electronics, chemical, automobile, shipping, agriculture, horticulture, service industry, banking, and media (The World Fact book: Netherlands ) The Dutch Untied Providences were under Spanish rule until 1579 when they declared their independence (The World Fact book: Netherlands). In the 17th century, the Netherlands was one of world’s leading…

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  • Dutch Art In China

    with a highly accomplished faculty, as well as, its suitability to my research interests. The History, Arts and Culture of Asia MA is a unique opportunity to gain a thorough knowledge of East Asian history and culture with a focus on visual and material culture. My academic interests center on cross-cultural interactions during the early modern period manifested in visual and material culture. I am particularly interested in the relationship, fostered by trade, between China, Japan and the…

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  • Drug Policy Analysis

    This led to an amendment of the Opium Act that legislated the difference between soft and hard drugs (Sarkany). This distinction is very important for the Netherlands because it allows the government to focus on the hard drugs that are affecting it’s citizens and helping people with addictions to those drugs. There is one controversial practice in the Netherlands today and that is the coffee houses that have special permission to sell a limited amount of soft drugs, as long as they abide by the…

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  • The Importance Of Tourism And Tourism Industry Are Indispensable To The Dutch Economy

    administration needs to support tourism by pulling in more guests from abroad. It likewise plans to scrap superfluous regulations for tourism organization. NBTC anticipates that inbound tourism will keep developing in the nearing years taking into account its reckonings. Part of the way because of the marginally weaker monetary conditions that will win in the nearing years, this increment will at first be accomplished with low development rates, however higher development is prone to happen…

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  • Physical Therapy: A Case Study

    Although the Dutch converse freely with close friends and family, they are abrupt, blunt, and efficient in business matters and negotiations. I have been told on occasion that I can seem hasty, impatient, and disinterested in conversation. In these circumstances I would never intentionally portray those responses. These moments reflect an obvious misunderstanding between American and Dutch communication habits. Furthermore, the dutch are conservative, rational, and private individuals who value…

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  • Beyond Autonomy And Beneficence Analysis

    In his paper, “Beyond Autonomy and Beneficence: The Moral Basis of Euthanasia in the Netherlands”, Guy A.M. Widdershoven touches upon the controversial issue of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, as seen from a medical ethics and a medical law standpoint. Although there are both pro-arguments and counter-arguments prevalent in today’s society regarding the morality of this issue; through the practices observed in the country of Netherlands, Widdershoven attempts to break-down and…

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  • Anne Frank's Diary Before World War II

    According to Anne Frank herself, ¨I hope Kitty [Anne’s imaginary friend] that I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.” Anne Frank wrote this passage in her diary before World War II. She wrote this before Hitler invaded the Netherlands. Previous to the war, Anne’s only problems were school, stress, and girl drama. Little did she know that much more troubling times were ahead of her.…

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  • Collaborative Online International Learning Project Analysis

    The ideas included topics of research, recommendations and designation of topics. For example, culture, religion, business etiquettes and meeting negotiations are some topics we all agree to do research. One great idea was assigned topics that relates to each individual’s major or minor. Lam, one of our international teammates, was assigned economics because he is an economic major at Amsterdam in Netherlands. Thus, we all decided to do business in Egypt of Africa. Although, in cross-cultural…

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  • European Unity Dbq Analysis

    don’t want to work. Before long there will be more foreigners that Dutch people, the Dutch people won’t be the boss of their own country. That’s why this has to be stopped.” (Doc 6) It is apparent in this document that the citizens of European countries are not happy that foreigners are coming and basically running their land without the people native there having much say. The fear of foreigners taking jobs and making it harder for someone to succeed in their own country is a big problem with…

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  • Sir Lucrece's War: A Short Story

    The kingdom has been at peace for fifty years, with no disruptions from the surrounding lands. Just fifty years before the solid peace, treacherous war had broken out between the English and the Netherlands. The Dutch invaded abruptly searching for the gem that every living person wants in their possession. This sacred object has the ability to fulfill wishes, extend one 's life, rejuvenate, and most amazingly achieve immortality. The wars had come to an end due to the harsh winters that had hit…

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