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  • Imperialism In China

    Orbach 10H1 Social Studies China, Japan, the Middle East, and Africa were regions in which the influence of the Europeans was eventually greatly felt. All of these regions were at first reluctant to join with the European ways in matters such as culture and trade, but eventually succumbed to the pressure to join the Europeans due to various reasons such as military pressure from the Europeans or the pressure to succeed and evolve by modernizing as a country. The Europeans always succeed in achieving what they desired, whether it was trading with or obtaining power over the aforementioned states. At first China repeatedly refused to receive the French, British, American, and Russian officials into their harbor to trade. The Chinese remained…

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  • Slowdown In China

    impacts for the rest of the world economy. China is one of the major commodity consuming countries. There are lots of industrialisation and urbanization took place in China. However, after many years of investments the project unable to deliver the expected return for investors. Thus, a raises of questions about additional investment plans. This as a consequences lead to a fall in the demand for commodities in domestic consumption and also drive prices down. For examples, Michaels (2015) states…

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  • Confucianism In China

    and politics in China has had an impact on the ethics of its society. Superstition has played an important role in China from ancient times when the royal family, to divine important dates and the outcome of battles, used oracle bones. The concept of “feng shui” has shaped Chinese society or hundreds of years and continues to play an important role in Chinese culture. Confucianism and its values have had a strong effect on Chinese people, both past and present. The role of the state and…

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  • Taoism In China

    The basis for most modern cultures, as well as their historical roots, can often be found in religion. Religion, in some cases, is the very reason some countries are founded to begin with. Whether or not one believes in a particular religion, it is often agreed upon that religious principles hold some sort of importance in the majority of the world. China, for example, was once a large center for religious and philosophical beliefs. Chinese culture has been heavily influenced by the beliefs of…

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  • Infidelity In China

    Marital infidelity has seen a drastic increase in the country of China. Due to vast economic development and a striking correlation to the prices of property the country has seen drastic increases in its divorce and remarriage rates. However, for the nation of China even with these drastic increases in divorce rate their numbers are relatively lower than their Western counterparts. Divorce is a mutually binding agreement acknowledged by law that clarifies the intent to end entirely marital…

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  • The Importance Of Marketing In China And China

    In China, it is important to remember that the customer prefers human interaction. Even when they make purchases online, they often prefer to see and handle the product in person and then exchange funds online only. This is partially due to thier inherent skepticism about product quality, but also because they like to get out where the people are. In practical terms, this means that it is critical for a company entering the Chinese market to develop a physical presence there. That way, the…

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  • Dutch Art In China

    cross-cultural interactions during the early modern period manifested in visual and material culture. I am particularly interested in the relationship, fostered by trade, between China, Japan and the Netherlands. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, Dutch society experienced a dramatic transformation with the establishment of the…

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  • Spread Of Corruption In China

    The spread of corruption in China threatens the legitimacy of the CCP Introduction As the Communist Party of China (CCP) evolves towards economic liberalization, it faces new challenges concerning corruption. Currently, China is aware of the spread of corruption into politics, economy and society. Its impact and consequences threatens the legitimacy of the Communist Party rule and the country 's stability. The spread of corruption across all spheres in China can be understood from its…

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  • China And India Similarities

    China and India, two of the best-known countries in the world, have come a long way since their civilization days. However, how did these two compare to each other a couple of centuries ago? Some significant ways in which they were similar and different to one another include their social structures, political structures, cultural beliefs, and economic structures. China and India both began to develop along a certain river, the Chinese being the Huang He and Yangtzi Rivers and the Indian being…

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  • Essay On Eugenics In China

    In the 1920s, Pan Guangdan introduced the concept of “eugenics” in China. The formal definition of eugenics is the study of improving the qualities of the human species through inheriting desirable traits. Specifically, a few ways to ensure positive eugenics were using birth control and family planning, which are intermittently related. Larmarckian heredity, one of the two major theories of heredity, believed that external environmental factors could positively or negatively affect heredity. As…

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