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  • Attitude Of Confucius

    Every person in this world has different attitudes towards learning. There is someone who wants to study for his or her own benefit and there are some people who use learning as a reason to fulfill desire such as gaining a title and money. Learning for external benefit is totally against the Chinese teaching, especially when it comes to Confucius. Confucius is well known as one of the most influential Chinese philosophers and teachers. His teachings are focusing on the social relationship such as how an individual should behave properly in society and Confucius also puts his attention to the issue of education. Most of Confucius teachings are recorded in the forms of Analects. Analects (Lunyu) classify as teaching or recording conversations.…

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  • Confucius Theory

    realize the virtues Jen and Shu beginning on each individual and then applied to all the other. To say it in other words: "The king behaves as a king, the subject behaves as a subject, the father as a father, etc. Thus the role and duty of the king, his subjects is to be treated by Li (propriety ). The role and duty of the subject was to serve the king with loyalty, and the king to the subject with fairness and justice. However, Confucius point of view was that the king doesn´t have to be…

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  • Confucius Respect

    In Confucius’ The Essential Analects, the concept of respect is heavily preached toward the disciples and corrected or commented on by a Master of Confucianism. Confucius’ thought emphasizes the importance of ritual practice – along with the nourishment and comfort of our elders – even at the cost of one’s own expense. Confucianism is expressed as a way of life that embodies the respect for elders, also known as filial piety. Through filial piety, one develops an appreciation for those who have…

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  • Confucius Research Paper

    Confucius is one of the most influential teachers in Chinese history and his philosophy has shaped much of China’s culture. He was an Ontologist, who are individuals that deal with the nature of being. He spent a majority of his life asking and trying to find the answers to two main questions: Who are we and what is the best kind of human being? In this paper I’ll be sharing some brief history of Confucius life and explaining his philosophy. Kong Qui or K’ung Fu-tzu, or Confucius as he is…

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  • Lao Vs Confucius

    This primary source includes excerpts from Analects which were written by the disciples of Confucius and the book of the Way and its Power by Lao (Laozi). Both authors are Ancient Chinese Philosophers who had different views and ideas about the foundations of government. The source shows the different views that both philosophers had and how their contending lessons offered territorial Chinese rulers a decision in political methods of insight. Confucius was a renowned wise and social scholar of…

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  • Aristotle Vs Confucius

    Aristotle played a significant role for Ancient Greek, and Confucius is highly emphasized in Ancient China. Many may think the two philosophies will confront each other as Europe and Eastern Asia have dissimilar historical development. The two views do have undeniable different views, but they are also comparable and supporting each other in some sense. To better understand these similarities and differences, an understanding of the social backgrounds of the two philosophers is also essential.…

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  • Confucius Argument Essay

    little help from google, I found out that the quote belong to Kong Qiu or for many of us Confucius. Born around 551 BC, he lost his father at the tender age of 3 and grew up in poverty with his mother. Growing up in this horrible poverty was perhaps the greatest influence that helped shape Confucius into the philosopher he is known for today and possibly the reason why he stressed the dignity of the ‘Common…

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  • Confucius A Great Teacher

    life he had two other names such as Kong Fuzi which in Latin translates to master Kong and the other name is Kong Qui which is his proper name. Also, he lived during the time when Zhou kingdom was separated into many independent feudal states and he traveled from state to state. When traveling he attempts to work as a political advisor and official to the feudal rulers to spread his teachings while accepting students for a fee. As time went on Confucius was unsuccessful at achieving to become a…

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  • Confucius: Taking A Stand

    Confucius: Taking a Stand Philosophy played a big role in ancient history. In some cultures, philosophy was like their religion, such as China. Much Chinese do not consider themselves to be religious but follow a philosophy, such as Confucianism. Confucius took a stand in ancient history by going against oppressive government and teaching China his philosophy which started a communist revolution and became an official state of belief of China. The founder of Confucianism was Confucius. At…

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  • The Argument's Confucius: The Analects

    Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who envisioned a great plan to restore order back to all of China. He wrote a book Confucius: The Analects, to tell about the order and peace he hoped to bring back to China. His teachings were published into a book by his students after his death. He believed in loving others and self-discipline rather than enforcing laws and punishments. He believed that with his new plan that he could restore China, and bring back order to it. Confucius wanted social order…

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