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  • Free State Of Congo Imperialism Analysis

    intention of reaping profit, exploiting trade and the ongoing competition between European empires. The Free State of Congo was a peculiar scenario and the Belgian monarch had a certain grip on Congo. Leopold’s reign of the Congo started with many promises of great prosperity for the Congolese. His promises would not materialize. Leopold’s main desire was resources and a source of wealth, his false precept of civilization were contradicted by his agents in the Congo. These contradictions…

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  • Congo Wars: The Congo War

    The Congo Wars were a bloody conflict that occurred in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with the first war occurring from late 1996 to mid 1997 and the second war occurring from late 1998 to mid 2003. The first Congo War started in late 1996, when the Tutsis began to rebel against the authoritarian rule of one of the key players of the conflict, Mobutu Sese Seko, and his supporters, the Hutu. The Tutsis quickly gained traction and when they neared the capital of the DRC from various…

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  • The Congo Question

    In John Daniels’ article titled, The Congo Question and the “Belgian Solution” the argument is made for the best way to administer the Belgians newly acquired colony, known as the Congo Free State, after its recent annexation from King Leopold II in 1908. The article was written after nearly ten years of ever increasing humanitarian outcries against the atrocities committed by King Leopold II. The “Congo question” for Daniels and the Western world was how best to reform and govern the colony in…

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  • Nationalism In Congo

    The never-ending civil war in Congo can be understood through the lens of nationalism. The economic, social and political instability has resulted in humanitarian interventions to end the abuse of human rights and to help citizens who were still suffering from the exploitation and traumatic violent experiences. Although Western and european countries have attempted to resolve the social conflicts in the eastern part of Congo, humanitarian interventions remain unsuccessful because nationalism is…

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  • The Effect Of Colonization On The Congo And Belgium

    The history of a country is significant to the country because it has shaped it to be what it is today. Not only is it important to the country but to the society, as a famous quote went; "people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots". One significant historical event to not only a country and society but to a whole continent was the colonization of almost all the African countries by the European countries. In the 19th and 20th century the…

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  • The Weapon Of Rape In Congo

    world. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), rape has been one of the most productive weapons of the civil war that has affected the country’s eastern provinces since nineteen ninety-eight. In this research paper, I would be discussing the prevalence and consequences of sexual violence; rape in the eastern democratic republic of Congo, including a few factors, particularly, the impact of colonization, poverty and impunity, together with some responses that contribute to its development. In…

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  • Women's Rights In Congo

    Resuming with the way some women are treated as property in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Women have been known to be sold as if they are an object rather than a human. The women that are sold have the absence of gender equality and human rights. When the women are sold then are intended for the purpose as sex slave. From Iraq Fiona Keating reports, “At least 2,500 women and children have been imprisoned, sexually abused and sold for around $10 each by Isis slavers.”…

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  • How Did The Cold War Affect Congo

    Congo gained it’s during the time of the Cold War. Congo was especially affected by the Cold War because it was rich in resources, especially uranium, which could be used to make atomic bombs. Belgium wanted to maintain control over Congo because of the riches their resources provided. The United States became concerned with Congo because its resources made it a valuable ally, but also made it dangerous as a potential enemy and Soviet ally. When Patrice Lumumba came to power, he was determined…

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  • Democratic Republic Of Congo Analysis

    The Democratic Republic of Congo is known to be the richest country in the world when it comes to natural resources. The countries raw minerals are thought to be worth 24 trillion dollars in U.S. currency. With that being said, the level of FDI for every country is actually very important. The FDI net inflows are -$343,601,083 in 2014. The Commercial Service Exports were $163,054,886 in 2014 and the Total Merchandise Trade was 40.76%. The chart below shows five years` of FDI net flows. Imports…

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  • Food Insecurity In Congo Essay

    Introduction The Republic of Congo is one of the poorest developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa which half the country’s people live below the poverty line and the DRC ranked 27th out of 79 countries on the Global Hunger Index(2012). 64.8% of the poorest people are living in rural areas where they earn a livelihood as are small-scale farmers and fishers. So Congo is one of most extremely influenced in the world by food in security. The targets for achievement the Millennium Development…

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