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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Of A Fish

    drum of the motor, and you could smell the pungent odor of gasoline being burned. We had been gliding and bouncing over the dark murkey water for what felt like an eternity before I asked to my grandfather, “Are we there yet.” He replied with a firm “no, but we are getting close.” After that is starting to look out over the water, which the sun had been reflecting its rays of off it, and making it glisten like glitter. For about maybe 10 minutes later the boat lurched to halt in the water catching me by surprise, My grandfather said “ where here.” We were out in the middle of a huge clearing surrounded by small island’s. My grandfather began to teach me how to place bait on my rod and how to cast my rod. After this lesson we had cast our rods out into the water and we had placed the rods in rod holders, and we were just sitting there and waiting on the deck of the boat. The hot sun had been beating down on us for an hour giving us sunburns, we had only a couple nibbles here and there. But no actual bites on our lines, so after some more time we decided to change our spot, after a few more nibbles and the occasional fish jumping out of the water to taunt us. It finally happened. A fish bit my line and took my bait and started swimming as fast as it could, giving a humongous effort. The fight was now on, the fish would swim fast with a lot of effort, and then it would slow down a little to regain all its stamina and try again. It felt as if there was a torpedo on my…

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  • Narrative Essay About Fishing

    As I was approached the cashier to check out at the student center I noticed it was my friend Pattie. Pattie is 65 years old. She works a couple of hours at the student center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. To make conversation I asked her how was her day and she responded with "great how about yours?" I said it was good. Excited it was Friday. I asked Pattie what she was doing for the weekend and she said "fishing". I told Pattie I have never been fishing before so she asked could she…

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  • Color Perception Essay

    The majority of what we as humans experience on a daily basis comes from our sense organs. How we experience these things going on around us is based on our perceptions. Perception is the process of recognizing and interpreting sensory stimuli, from our sense organs: eyes, ears, skin, nose, and tongue. Our vision comes from our sense organ, our eyes and travels to the part of the brain that processes vision, the occipital lobe. From there what we see is a perception of what we are getting from…

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  • Bass Fishing Research Paper

    What Size Hook For Bass Is The Right One For You? Have you ever wondered what size of hook you should use for fishing? If yes, this is just the right place for you. Hooks for fishing are variable regarding shapes, designs, and materials. However, choosing what size hook for bass fishing is even more confusing. It is not as simple as coming to a store, and pick one size randomly; it is about finding the most suitable one for your fishing purpose and your bait. In this post, you will understand…

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  • Essay On Fishing Bass

    Bass Fishing Lures When fishing for bass you will need certain equipment which is essential if you are hoping to catch a bass. Long gone are the day where you could spear your fish and resort back to old fishing methods as these require excellent skills and training for long periods of time. In order to enhance the likelihood of catching bass, you will need fishing lures. Remember that if a lure works for a largemouth bass, then it might not work for a smallmouth bass, so keep that in mind when…

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  • Sheila Or The Bass Analysis

    I wonder if the narrator will pick Sheila or the bass? One possible choice is the bass. One reason why I think he’s going to pick the bass is because he loves fishing. The way that I know that he loves fishing is that he knows everything about fishing. He also spends a lot of time fishing. Another, reason why I think that he will pick the bass is because it’s a big bass. The way that I know this is a big bass is because it is really strong. I know that the bass is strong because its pulling the…

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  • Henry And Ribsy Summary

    4th Book Report Henry and Ribsy was written by Beverly Cleary. This fiction book has 187 pages. Henry is a friendly boy with a dog named Ribsy who lives on Klickitat Street. One day Henry and his dad went to the Service Station, Henry got to ride up in the car on a grease rack. While Henry was up on the grease rack a policeman pulled up and he went into the store. Once the policeman had gone into the store Ribsy got the police man's lunch and ate it. When the police man came out he chased Ribsy…

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  • Fallen Angel Lab Report

    Bongani Magadla Fallen Angel Sylas looked down at the blemishes that were beginning to blossom on his hands. His caramel complexion slowly becoming darker and lighter at the same time. The usual nightmares had not visited him last night; blessing him with restful sleep for the first time in almost a month. The faces in those nightmares were as clear as day. He pressed his hand down to the Stabilizer. After doing this for 16 years, the sting of the Stabilizer was little more than an ant bite.…

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  • The Bass And Sheila Mant Summary

    I am reading ”The Bass,the River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Wetherell. This story is about a boy and he has to choose between a girl he likes and fishing. In this journal I will be questioning and. I wonder if will he choose Sheila or the bass. The first possibility is he could choose the bass.He loves fishing. He knows everything there is to know about fishing. He has spent most of his time fishing. This bass is the biggest bass he has ever seen and the bass is really strong. He thinks that the…

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  • Bass Fishing Tricks

    In the mid Summer time into late fall largemouth will often group up and feed. When fishing and you see a whole bunch of shad jumping out of the water, this usually means that the bass are schooled up and are feeding. When fishing schooled bass always keep a backup rod that has a shad imitating bait so you can throw it out there and catch some largemouth. Now for a little something different, night fishing. Fishing at night best works in the summer especially when the waters warm. Almost all…

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