Personal Narrative: My Life Of A Fish

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I was around the age of Ten when I first caught a fish in Canada. It was in the middle of a hot summer day. There was the smell of newly bloomed flowers in the air. We were getting ready to board the boat when a bald eagle soared across the baby blue summer sky. The engine had just been turned on, and you could hear the steady beating drum of the motor, and you could smell the pungent odor of gasoline being burned. We had been gliding and bouncing over the dark murkey water for what felt like an eternity before I asked to my grandfather, “Are we there yet.” He replied with a firm “no, but we are getting close.” After that is starting to look out over the water, which the sun had been reflecting its rays of off it, and making it glisten like …show more content…
I felt like this was my chance to impress my grandfather and the rest of my family. So I started to try my very best concentrating as hard as possible on reeling in there would a couple more occasions where the fish would explode out of the water and land back in with a splash, and then dart away. However, it wouldn't be much longer before I could reel the fish in close enough for my grandfather to dip in the metallic net and scoop the fish out. But when the fish did get close enough, it was massive and much larger than it looked from far away when it first jumped out of the glistening water. We pulled the fish in the boat and took a good amount of pictures before returning it to the water. My grandfather said “wow That thing was massive, I have never caught something that big.”

As we returned to the cabin with only a couple walleye and one bass my family were wondering if we caught anything big, and that's when I showed them all the pictures of the massive northern pike I had caught. They were all amazed and stunned my father told me “great job will,” and my jealous sister abby said “I could do better.” They were all amazed by what a ten year old with the help of his grandfather could catch. That was the very first time I had ever been fishing in

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