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  • Conrad Black Case Study

    • How did Conrad Black build his empire? What were his ambitions at the beginning and at the end? Conrad Black started to build his media empire at a young age, when he bought his first newspaper in rural Quebec. His company, Hollinger Black, owned more than 400 titles around the globe by 1996, which made them the third largest publishers of newspapers. When Black took over a newspaper he took great care in the appointment of editors and even let them have complete editorial independence. His leadership style was very well perceived by his top editors and was considered a pivotal figure behind the company’s success, but he was also known for being cutthroat. He pursued his vision of excellence in all of his ventures but his greed got in the way. Black was originally very invested in his newspapers in order to gain power and achieve his grand ambitions, but still gave the editors the freedom to write the stories they wanted to write. Towards the end, he was tightening belts and more worried about his own profits whether it benefited the company itself or the employees. • What kind of a newspaper mogul was he? He was a dominate force as a newspaper mogul, although his methods were fueled by his own personal…

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  • Post-Colonialism In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Fall Apart” through a different perspective, Achebe gives an opposite bias and message. Achebe acknowledges Conrad’s racist claims through mocking and debunking him. Achebe also exploits the destructive results of material-motivated imperialists, as well as offering a different interpretation of certain topics discussed in “Heart of Darkness.” Joseph Conrad disregards the humanity of native African people as he often refers to them as “savages,” and Achebe mocks Conrad’s portrayal of Africans.…

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  • The Importance Of Human Nature In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    capable of the most heinous and despicable acts. Though man is not an animal, he is inclined to be much more cruel than any other living thing. Humans have a moral guideline to live by, but throughout many generations, they have proved themselves to be less than civilized. By way of example, in his novel, Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad illustrates how man can truly behave without any restraint or modal guideline when placed in a less than human environment. Conrad 's novel truly shows the…

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  • Racism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness '

    to “civilize” the most people was considered the most powerful country. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a story in which characters follow a path of self-discovery to find the true nature of their hearts. However, the book has been called a racist book by many critics but it was Chinua Achebe who believed that the book was racist and so was the author. Achebe calls Conrad a racist because of his use of description and language throughout the book. However, Conrad himself cannot be claimed…

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  • Comparing Stanley And Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    The nineteenth century corresponds to the scramble for Africa and to the birth of colonialism. During that period, a lot of writers, philosophers and explorers emerged. Among them, there were Joseph Conrad and Stanley. In their writings, their main claim is that Africa is a jungle where live “savages” but also an unhistorical part of the world. Indeed, throughout their texts, there are a lot of animalistic, pejorative and inhuman terms used to qualify Africans. For instance, Stanley points out…

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  • Heart Of Darkness Realism Analysis

    contradicting aspects of racism during the 17th century and the limited information known about the personality of Conrad, the question of racism versus realism is too complex to give a definitive answer. One of the passages that appears to be intuitively racist is included in Part I: “All their meager breasts panted together, the violently dilated nostrils quivered, the eyes stared stonily up-hill. They passed me within six inches, without a glance, with that complete, deathlike indifference…

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  • The Symbolism In Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    To a journalist he gives the report on the suppression of savage customs for publication, if the journalist sees fit. When Marlow visits her, she was dressed in black and still deep in mourning, although it was more than a year since Kurtz 's death. She presses Marlow for information, asking him to repeat Kurtz 's final words, which in fact are "The horror! The horror!” (117)Uncomfortable, Marlow lies and tells her that Kurtz 's final word was her name. ` Apart from this introductory chapter…

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  • Social Darwinism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    written. Only four years later, Joseph Conrad came out with his novella, Heart of Darkness, in 1899, during the peak of the reign of Social…

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  • Similarities Between Frankenstein And Heart Of Darkness

    The novels Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad can be considered commentaries on the themes of discrimination, obsession, exploration, and the result of the lack of understanding and responsibility. Both novels are written in a framed narrative form, comprehensive of the views, thoughts, and values of contrasting characters. Both Shelley's character, Victor Frankenstein, and Conrad's portrayal of European colonists reflect how overruling obsession can result in…

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  • Analysis Of Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

    Introduction Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad narrates the story of colonization by providing a comparison between Africa and London in 1899. Conrad tries to advance the idea that little difference exists between the European civilized people and the African savages. According to Europeans, the invasion and eventual annexation of Africa was meant to introduce ‘light’ in dark Africa. Light meant civilization according to the White Anglo-society. Fully armed with technological advancements,…

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