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  • Planned Parenthood Political Analysis

    Rep. Lipinski, is a pro-life Democrat, who has a long record of opposing pro-abortion legislation. For instance, he opposed the “Democrats’ health care overhaul” because “its provision banning federal funds for abortions wasn’t strong enough,” despite other conservative Democrats supporting it (Almanac). Consequently, he’s the 5th most conservative Democrat, and out of all the bills that he has cosponsored, including this one, 58% have been introduced by a member of another party. His political ideology is similar to former Speaker John Boehner, as seen below (2015 Report Card - Daniel…

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  • Donna Hawley

    eight year old; when imagining a person ten years superior to oneself, they often seem detached and un-relatable. In the words of every petulant child to their parent, “you just don’t get it.” When it boils down to it, are the generations really that different? One woman raised conservatively in the 1950s saw unbelievable progress is technology and societal norms, she also lived in fear of nuclear war and saw the president’s death; now she believes our world needs better representation and more…

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  • Features Of The Westminster Model

    In the last century, this has been a re-occurring trait, with coalition governments being very rare. The 1940-45 coalition between the Conservatives, who had a parliamentary majority, with the Labour and Liberal parties, is one such exception, but this was largely due to the fact that Britain was at war. The only example of a deviation from a concentration of executive power in one party in the post-war era is the two minority Labour governments of the 1970s. Internal strife within the Labour…

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  • How Did New Labour Affect British Politics

    of the changes New Labour made to the constitution was the reform of the House of Lords. The House of Lords Act 1999 had the House of Lords reduced by nearly a half with non-hereditary members rising from 41% to 87% (Ludlam & Smith, 2004:129). This impacted British politics in terms of democracy as this was seen as a big shift to a more representative state due to many of the hereditary members being Conservative (Ludlam & Smith 2004: 161)(Russell 2011: 16). However, it did warrant an even more…

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  • Compare And Contrast Democratic Party Vs Republican Party

    Assignment Two With the establishment of a powerful two-party political system in the United States, the Democrats and Republicans – there are vital differences between the two which distinguish one from another and are founded on very powerful beliefs. Both political parties are beneficial to the United States in their own way, and both also have their downfalls. Examples of some different beliefs the two parties have are on tax policy, social issues, labor and free trade, education, and…

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  • Postmodernism Analysis

    premeditated political actions go unquestioned in their motivation? It is unlikely in today’s Capitalist orientated market that any such popular icon would be encouraged by there marketing managers to gamble their image against their political view without some alternative motive or artistic fall back. Simultaneously, all political parties are, of course, attempting to appeal to the voter in every subculture at any and every level. It would neither be controversial nor unheard of for a political…

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  • Political Ideology: A Comparative Analysis

    As predicted, our data reinforces findings of Riemann et al., (1993), Van Hiel et al., (2000), Jost et al., (2009) and Lee et al., (2010) that Openness is relevant in predicting political ideology. In particular, those individuals who are less open tend to be more political conservative (Sibley & Duckitt 2008). However, it is important to note that political ideology was not identified by participants’ Openness alone. Moderation of political knowledge was vital. In parallel, the levels of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Republican And Democratic Party

    most influential parties in the American Government are the Republican and Democratic Party. These two parties have very contrasting beliefs. Democrats believe in “the need for intervention by government in the form of more and bigger programs” and agree that there must be fairness in government regulations and freedom of expression. Republicans however, have more conservative values and cultivate the importance of family and the efforts by individuals. They unlike the Democratic Party, prefer…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of New Labour

    as democratic. Over 50% of the votes were for yes, but this does not matter if half the country did not participate. There is no way to decide from that vote whether yes was a minority or a majority, and in democracy the minority does not rule the majority. This is an example of New Labour pushing its policies through. New Labour did not perform well in the elections for the National Assembly of Wales. One can also look the actions taken in London by New Labour through setting up the Greater…

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  • Uk Uncodified Constitution

    Jean-Louis de Lolme (1784) claim the complete opposite. de Lolme believes that the elected parliament pushes the will of the people who voted for the members to be there. Although the Parliament Acts of 1911 and 1949 (, 2015) seem to support de Lolme’s assertion in that they push forward the views of the democratically elected House of Commons over the House of Lords that by no means suggests it is the absolute will of the people. If that was the case then the House of Lords…

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