Coalition government

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  • Representative Democracy

    A- 10 PERCENT ELECTORAL TRESHOLD POLICY As we all know history of democracy dates back to ancient Greek city-state of Athens. In Athenian democracy people were governed directly. But it is merely impossible to apply same direct democracy in today’s societies considering difficulties to interact with the millions of citizens. This practical reality gave birth to notion of representative democracy where political power is used by representatives. It is required to simplify the overall process in order to hand over the power from millions to a limited number of representatives and that is where difficulties begin (Venice Commission 2010). In most countries that are govern under representative parliamentary democracy, it is common to see coalition…

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  • Features Of The Westminster Model

    In the last century, this has been a re-occurring trait, with coalition governments being very rare. The 1940-45 coalition between the Conservatives, who had a parliamentary majority, with the Labour and Liberal parties, is one such exception, but this was largely due to the fact that Britain was at war. The only example of a deviation from a concentration of executive power in one party in the post-war era is the two minority Labour governments of the 1970s. Internal strife within the Labour…

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  • Democracy In Chile

    would continue to be supported in the legislature. These impediments limited the party coalitions’ responsiveness and ability to enact legislation that would benefit the people (Posner 1999, 59). The binomial electoral system also encourages a lack of representation over candidate selection. Candidates for office are chosen by the elites after intensive negotiations within the party coalitions. “The selection of…

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  • Factors For The Rise Of The BJP And Hindu Janata Party

    to see non-Congress government in certain States (the reflection of this is later seen in the national level in 1989 and 1991). In 1977, it losses power for the very first time, but manages to come back in power in 1980 and then loses again in 1989. However, by then the party system in India gets fragmented and we see a decline in the vote share of Congress in the subsequent years to come ahead. Till that point Congress was a hegemonic umbrella party that could bring different interest groups…

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  • Political Parties In America

    While it can be certain that politics in America seem to have gotten unreasonably chaotic, political parties are what can salvage what remains of our forefathers vision for our government. While political parties are important to the function of our government, the two-party system is insufficient for acquiring an accurate portrayal of beliefs and needs of the people. Thus, political parties should continue to be a strong component of America’s political system, but should be modified by adding…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Semi-Presidentialism

    Given recent geopolitical history and the circumstances under which you have decided to form your government, I believe that there are 4 plausible democratic systems of government that you can adopt: Westminster-style parliamentary governance with plurality elections, parliamentary governance with proportional representation, presidential government (i.e. separation of powers), or semi-presidentialism. These forms of governance, although quite different, all aim to provide stability and…

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  • Essay About Political Parties

    respective fans votes. Party organizations work hard to prevent people from free riding off of other votes. Political parties do a considerable job in preventing the issue of collection action problems. However, there are instances where they do not help at all. The division of the elected officials can really be a problem to the solution of a collection action problem. The different agendas and the personal gains in congress has been a problem for many years in the United States. It is an…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Joining The Presidential Debates

    which is decided by the American public, they should not be allowed to join the debate, since they waste time that can potentially be given to the Democratic and Republican candidates. However, many states do not include the third party candidates in their polls because they do not achieve the requirements set by the states, such as gathering over a million signatures (Nwazota). Additionally, third parties do not get as much exposure to the public as the other two major parties do. Because they…

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  • Australia's Two Party System

    It is estimated that 4% of Australians earn on or above $180,000 and the super-rich elite account for 0.027% of Australia’s population (Hodgson, 2014; Radio National, 2014) The two-party-system in Australia such as the Australian Labor Party on the centre left wing and the Coalition between the Liberal Party and the National Party on the right wing are influenced by capitalists therefore neoliberal in their approaches to policy creation and implementation. The ALP were traditionally a labour…

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  • Homeless Coalition

    10,000, that’s the number of people Coalition for the Homeless helps each year get through crisis and 3,500 homeless men, women and children each day. So many people go to sleep each day with out a meal or a bed to rest on. In most case these people just need a meal for strength to start building their lives back up. Coalition for the Homeless is the starting point for many of those in need and it is a way for them to learn to get back to being able to support themselves. The charity offers…

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