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  • Planned Parenthood Political Analysis

    Likewise, Richard Hanna posted his reasoning against the bill shortly after the vote. According to this post, Mr. Hanna doesn’t believe in abortion, yet he believed that defunding Planned Parenthood wouldn’t bring abortions to a halt. Instead, he said that for this to happen, it will take a combination of laws, education and, access to birth control to eradicate the procedure (Why I Voted No on H.R.314, 2015). Congressman Hanna cited many statistics on Planned Parenthood, and said that he stands in support of women’s healthcare, since “if enacted, this legislation would force 2.7 million people to lose their current doctor,” yet he believed that an investigation should take place “to ensure that all medical practices, and procedures within the United States comport with the laws and morals that we, as a nation, stand for” (Why I Voted No on H.R.314, 2015). Before the vote on the bill, Mr. Hanna expressed his frustration with it, clarifying that he believed that the bill “has zero chance of becoming law today” and that “it will be vetoed by the president and Congress will never override that veto.” Congressman Hanna has a record of fighting to protect women 's reproductive rights, despite his political affiliation, which granted him the Planned Parenthood 's Barry Goldwater Award (Weiner, 2015). Rep. Hanna’s disbelief in the bill to stop abortions altogether, the lost of healthcare for the millions of people that use Planned Parenthood services, and his belief that the…

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  • Australia's Two Party System

    It is estimated that 4% of Australians earn on or above $180,000 and the super-rich elite account for 0.027% of Australia’s population (Hodgson, 2014; Radio National, 2014) The two-party-system in Australia such as the Australian Labor Party on the centre left wing and the Coalition between the Liberal Party and the National Party on the right wing are influenced by capitalists therefore neoliberal in their approaches to policy creation and implementation. The ALP were traditionally a labour…

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  • Homeless Coalition

    10,000, that’s the number of people Coalition for the Homeless helps each year get through crisis and 3,500 homeless men, women and children each day. So many people go to sleep each day with out a meal or a bed to rest on. In most case these people just need a meal for strength to start building their lives back up. Coalition for the Homeless is the starting point for many of those in need and it is a way for them to learn to get back to being able to support themselves. The charity offers…

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  • Case Study Of Crucial Conversation

    analysis, create a political strategy for Dr. Baker to get four votes (without irritating the President who hates political manipulation). Also remember in your political strategy that Dr. Baker is not supposed to interfere with the self-¬directed work team process. Think about tools of persuasion and coalition building. In order to select a wining coalition, Baker needs to map the political terrain in conjunction with his power analysis (Bolman, 2013): 1. Identify relevant relationships. The…

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  • Political Parties In America

    While it can be certain that politics in America seem to have gotten unreasonably chaotic, political parties are what can salvage what remains of our forefathers vision for our government. While political parties are important to the function of our government, the two-party system is insufficient for acquiring an accurate portrayal of beliefs and needs of the people. Thus, political parties should continue to be a strong component of America’s political system, but should be modified by adding…

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  • Political Parties Advantages

    Political parties are not useful to have at a local government level. Local government exist to provide services and protect property, they are not designed to decide major social policies. If Nanaimo were to be given the task of deciding if our central bank were to go back to using the gold standard to attempt to reduce inflation for the betterment of the poor or other decisions along those lines then it would be useful to elect a party has defined political leanings. Since no city would, and…

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  • Essay About Political Parties

    Political parties in the United States of America has become prominent in today’s political world. They are a way to identify one’s true values and beliefs. According to The American Political System, a political party can be defined as a group of candidates and elected officials organized under a common label for the purpose of attaining positions of public authority (Kollman, 411). Many people can recall George Washington warning the U.S. of the dangers of starting political parties in…

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  • Democratic Deficit Analysis

    The purpose of this paper is to analyze and assess the arguments and normative framework posited by White in his article “The ‘Centre’ of the Democratic Deficit: Power and Influence in Canadian Political Executives”. Furthermore, the reformative solutions put forth by White will be examined and weighed to determine their viability. White’s argument is that there is no means of identifying the democratic deficit produced by the centralization of power within the top tiers of the executive branch…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Semi-Presidentialism

    proportionally representative parliament. Because the government is in place to benefit the people, it should look to benefit the most people that it can; people can vote their conscience without fear that their views will be trampled under those voting for the majority party. Furthermore, because voters feel that their views can be equally represented within the assembly they are more likely to vote and actively engage with the government they are subject to. One might question if having…

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  • Representative Democracy

    A- 10 PERCENT ELECTORAL TRESHOLD POLICY As we all know history of democracy dates back to ancient Greek city-state of Athens. In Athenian democracy people were governed directly. But it is merely impossible to apply same direct democracy in today’s societies considering difficulties to interact with the millions of citizens. This practical reality gave birth to notion of representative democracy where political power is used by representatives. It is required to simplify the overall process in…

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