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  • First Impressions: The True Character Of My Grandmother

    As far back as I can remember first impressions were of great significance because it’s during this time that one forms a mental image or an opinion about someone that they’ve just recently met. However, if first impressions depicted the correct image or true character of someone it would mean that the first impression that most people got after meeting my grandmother couldn’t be further from the truth. My grandmother would come across as cold or distant at first but then her true character would come out as she warmed up to people. My grandmother, even though she lacked the ability to make a first good impression, had many great qualities: she was patient, courageous, honest, loving, and compassionate. To better understand the significance and impact that my grandmother had on people it’s best to first get a visual perspective, or at least an idea of who she was, as it ties into her character traits really well. With that being said, my grandmother was a tall, thin, green eyed, soft spoken individual. She had long, thin hair that she always kept in a bun or in a braid. She lived a very low maintenance type of lifestyle, from her every day needs to her wardrobe and her looks. She had a very plain wardrobe, mostly consisting of long dark colored dresses or skirts and long sleeve blouses. She never wore makeup or went to a beauty parlor. And her highest level of education was simply learning how to read and write. However, despite the fact that she didn’t have a…

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  • Descriptive Essay (Jj's POV)

    JJ 's POV- I can 't take this anymore. The other sidemen don 't care about me. I doubt they even love me anymore, but it 's not hard to see why. Ethan was the lovable one. Josh was the person everybody went to for support. Simon constantly showered everybody with love. Tobi was a fucking angel. Harry was the affectionate one. Vik was just plain adorable. Me? I was the asshole. I made an offensive joke about Ethan. I insulted Josh. I picked on Simon, even though I knew he had a bad day. I refused…

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  • Klimt The Kiss Summary

    The World in Love With a Golden Romance: Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss Gustav Klimt’s oil and gold leaf painting on canvas, The Kiss of 1908 is his interpretation of the society in which he found himself, views on religion, nature, and sex and love. The perfectly square painting’s foreground is a lush green mound covered in hundreds of small pink, gold, red, and purple flowers. The greenery extends over three-fourths of the painting. The middle ground hosts a couple, male and female, arms locked in a…

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  • Why Memory Is Important

    to be special. Well at least to at least have to almost half of the population in the world they’re meant to be. First kisses are about the chemistry you have with that other person, that tingly feeling you get in your lips, the butterflies in your stomach you get. Whether the kiss means something to you or not, everyone has one. My mother told me about mine, I was 6 years old, so i doubt it was about chemistry or love, right? So I was 6 and she was 6 as well and we were both on the hood of the…

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  • Narrative Essay About Farewell My Love

    tell what was going on her head. I had never seen anyone so reserved yet so worried about something, other than in the death bed of my grandmother, seeing her life pass through my eyes. On the outside, she looked calm as a weary cat curled up at the fireplace, but I could tell something was bugging her. Until a few blocks from her house, I decided to break the small talk and acknowledge her worries. I asked if something was wrong, but she brushed the question with a faint smile. The bus arrived…

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  • Never Fall For A Straight Girl

    I think… I think I might like you.” I flash a smile. “I’ve liked you for a while.” “Oh.” “Kitty?” “Yeah?” “Is it okay if I kiss you?” In lieu of a response, she stretches her neck a little more towards me and bumps my nose with hers. Our lips fuse a moment later, and it’s different from how I pictured it. I always imagined my first kiss being some awkward, frantic thing with hormones flying like confetti and tongues going everywhere. It is not like that. I find that I enjoy kissing…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Brother Release

    brother. Everyone meets up at my Tia Lucy’s house to get organized and to see how many cars we are taking, and what we are taking like food, clothes, and drinks. So we are ready and organized, we leave around 10am and get to the prison around 11 or 11:30 am. Then again my brother doesn’t get out until 12-1 pm, so we just wait and set up stuff and get ready for him. My family talk to each other about what we will talk about when he gets out. We mostly talk about what we are going to do and buy…

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  • Shonda Rhimes Character Analysis

    hardball. Rhimes was a pioneer using diversity with her cast, whether this diversity was based purely on gender or race. She has stated that she believes "everyone should get to see their lives reflected on television[…] I love all my gay and lesbian friends […] I think same-sex marriage is the civil rights fight of our era" (Rhimes, 2014). The inter-racial exchanges are front-and-center and incomparable to any other current show (e.g. who can forget the steamy scenes between Olivia Pope and…

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  • I Am Truly Grateful For The Opportunity

    year, but the maturity, and independence I gained from it is that of a decade. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I was presented with, and would gladly take it again if offered the chance to. My trip to France has allowed me to look at life from a different lens, I appreciate and respect my great life much more now than I did before. I was only fifteen at the time, not quite sure what I was getting myself into. The idea came so quick, I just woke up one morning and said this is what I want…

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  • Hershey's Kisses Advertisement Analysis

    the dominate feature of the ad because they are red, silver, and green on the plain white background. There is a large amount of white space filled only by the kisses, the brand label, and the phrase “Merry Kisses and Happy New Year!” I think this jingle adds both a humorous and a sweet component to the ad. The text itself is presented in an easy-to-read font. The kisses themselves show clearly what is being advertised. Along with the appearance, your ad made several different emotional…

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